Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green....

David's New Bed=
Ben's Old Bed

So, I was cleaning Ben's old bed on Sunday.  See it, it's really green.  I like the color.  I am hoping to find bedding to match it.  I think I found something here.  I am thinking of ordering it, but if you have seen some fabric or a great site that I need to check on before I break the bank on a full size quilt, let me know.  I don't have to keep the green, but I was just feeling it was easy being green.  What do you think?  
About the little critters.  I saw him scurry across our fence as I was washing the bed Sunday and felt inspired to try new settings on my new(Christmas) camera.  See he is green like the bed.
Well, the last three days have been interesting to say the least in regards to David.  Let's just say I've talked with Poison Control Monday and Tuesday.  Today isn't over yet, but maybe we'll be in the clear.  If not, I feel certain DHR will be arriving by midnight.  Probably not, but seriously I have a baby proof and toddler proof house-trust me.  I guess it's not David proof  More to come on that later.
May the Force be with you...heeehheee.  Like my quote from Star Wars?  Found it very applicable right now.

Quote of the day,"Mommy why are you always eating?"  Benjamin inquired.
"Well, I don't know.  I am hungry."  Mommy responded.
"Well, you sure are eating a lot." Benjamin noted.

Mommy could have said due to stress levels, ones eating might increase.
Papers due for college course(remember, keeping current teaching certificate), Poison Control phone calls two days in a row, and the joys of being a mama are all valid reasons for increased appetite.  :) 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You know you are a mom when....

You look down in your car and see your portable home phone.

You look in the bottom of your BIG purse and find an old apple core.

You hear a rumble upstairs during nap time and find an unnamed toddler (2 1/2) has proudly put his poop in the bathroom cabinet and is actually pleased with himself for getting it out of his diaper.  He even went the extra mile and cleaned off his hands, wiped them on the floor of course.

You are on the phone and children turn the backyard into a literal red mud pit with the use of a single garden hose.

Mud pit junkies get thrown in the tub (not literally) and throw wooden candle thingy from Mexico into bath water.  Stain begins to seep out into the water and children are splashing EVERYWHERE while brown stained water is flung to all parts of the bathroom.

On a brighter note, you get more hugs and kisses than you could ever imagine and oh so many precious fingerprints on the glass to remind you that this time passes too quickly!

These events actually happened!  :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Mary Sue (Mama Sue) is doing well.
She had her new batteries put in yesterday and is "ticking" along great.  :)
I can't thank all of you enough for your sweet prayers!

I am so thankful for a sweet phone call from someone tonight!  She was so encouraging and it was an unexpected way that the Lord blessed my heart!
Isn't God so faithful to know our hearts and surprise us with little blessings along our journey?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Please Pray

My sweet mother in law, Mary Sue is in the hospital. 
She has Pericarditis (click to read about it).  Please pray that she will respond to the medicine they are giving her and that the doctors would have wisdom.
She needs to have her pacemaker battery changed, but can't have that done until the Pericarditis is under control.
She was given a pacemaker after battling both breast and thyroid cancer 6 years ago.  She is a wonderful, Godly woman we all adore and love.  We are praying for her healing to come quickly. 
Please consider leaving her a note of encouragement.  Thank you so much!  

Friday, April 17, 2009

Does It Match?

"Good morning Benjamin!"


"You can  pick out your own clothes today."

"Great, anything I want?"

"Yes.  Just not shirts that are the same color as the shorts."

"Well, I think that matches.  I like shirts and shorts that are the same color."


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Third Day

On the Third Day

an earthquake rocked a garden tomb,

stunned Roman guards,

but spoke peace to weeping women,

Peter and the forlorn followers.


It shook Jerusalem’s peasants

with a promise of liberation,

jolted Pharisees

with its signal of fulfilled prophecy,

and took them by surprise

with its challenge to false spirituality.


It reverberated in Rome’s highest court

and shattered the consciences

of those in power.


Hidden questions were raised:

Is there a more worthy goal than earthly glory?

A more worthy God than Caesar?


Unmeasured by the Richter Scale,

it was the quake that cracked a death grip

and its aftershocks reach through time……….to me.


I too have had my Third Day

when the power of God

first earthquaked its way through my soul.


It shook me then and shakes me now,

but I stand secure

for I know my Redeemer lives.

(E.J. Hatfield)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I will spare you my ranting.
Let me just ask you.  
Does anyone else have issues trying to schedule a doctor appointment?
This is not in regards to my dear friend Angie.  She is our children's doctor.
This is in regards to my doctor.  He is wonderful.  
But seriously.  Why would I need to wait months to get in?  Last I checked, we aren't on a doctor shortage.  I am beyond annoyed.
Do you feel my pain?  No pun intended-well actually it was!  :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Well, it was great

My class was tonight.  I was supposed to be there until 10:00. 
She let us out early.  Our professor is really cool.
I really enjoyed the discussion about the articles on llamas and such.
I was pleased that I was still able to answer questions about anecdotal notes, Piaget, constructivism, rubrics, and the like.
I am older, but as I sat in the room, I found I was filtering information in a new way.  A different way.  It felt good to know what actually works in a classroom and what doesn't-experience.  
I enjoyed the dialogue and the freedom our professor gave us to disagree with her and for her to disagree with us, but not to penalize anyone for it.  
So, now I'll enjoy the rest of my evening before I head back tomorrow from 8-5.  :)
Thanks for your sweet words, prayers, and encouragement!  
Still stretching~

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It is getting smelly....

Tomorrow night I go to that place.  
Remember the stair wells smell distinct there.
Yes, tomorrow I embark on an educational journey.
I got an email from my professor.  
It had a lot of articles to read.
They were about llamas, construction sites, and trees.
I am not kidding.
Somewhere there was a syllabus.  
I could not find it.  Anywhere.
I am old.  I am not still in college.
There are things called blackboards.  Not that you write on, but use on the computer.
I am out of date.  I don't know how this is going to pan out.
So far, it is stinky.  Kind of like the stair wells.
Perhaps, I will find this class enlightening.  It is already stretching me and so if I don't have a nervous breakdown getting last minute material from my prof, maybe it will be rewarding.
I have to say there is a part of me that is pleased that I am attempting this.
Here's to stretching-our brains.