Friday, April 3, 2009

Well, it was great

My class was tonight.  I was supposed to be there until 10:00. 
She let us out early.  Our professor is really cool.
I really enjoyed the discussion about the articles on llamas and such.
I was pleased that I was still able to answer questions about anecdotal notes, Piaget, constructivism, rubrics, and the like.
I am older, but as I sat in the room, I found I was filtering information in a new way.  A different way.  It felt good to know what actually works in a classroom and what doesn't-experience.  
I enjoyed the dialogue and the freedom our professor gave us to disagree with her and for her to disagree with us, but not to penalize anyone for it.  
So, now I'll enjoy the rest of my evening before I head back tomorrow from 8-5.  :)
Thanks for your sweet words, prayers, and encouragement!  
Still stretching~


Melissa said...

Hi! I've been "stalking" for a little while and decided to finally comment. This was a great post! I'm a teacher too, and while I love to learn new things, sometimes it's hard to sit in a formal class, because you're thinking, "Now this would be better if you taught it this way!" Anyway, enjoy reading your blog and I'm glad the class is going well. What are you taking, and what do you teach? I teach business for grades 9-12.

Lindsey said...

How long will you be in classes? Have I missed that post somewhere? And I love the new background with the sand footprint!

Kristen said...

Good for you! I don't think I could go back. Glad it's going well!

Leah said...

Hope things continue to go well in that "smelly" place! I'm still trudging along too!!