Sunday, October 21, 2012

Living with Intention

Hello friends! We have been busily enjoying life! Our boys are almost 10, soon 9 and 6! We are thrilled that my brother, Brad was married in September to Mary Charles who we each love! Welcome to the family MC! We also celebrated Daddy George's 90th birthday! He and David share a birthday. What a joy that was to have so many family and friends gather with such a wonderful man to celebrate life! We play football, lots of football and yes that says we. When you're a mom of three boys football passing goes on your résumé. :) Ben did All Star soccer last fall and Luke did All Star baseball this spring. David wasn't old enough for all stars but in our book, he is an all star brother! He loves to play sports, but is equally proud of his big brothers during their time to shine! They are all playing football this fall and we Love it! 
During this season of life, I think the biggest lesson The Lord whispers is not to waste our life! We are desiring to leave HIS fingerprints, lasting fingerprints on the lives that we are a part of on our home and outside our home.  My mom has a sticky note(she's famous for those) that says: 
We want to live
"With nothing to gain.
With nothing to hide.
And with nothing to prove."  
May The Lord make our lives a reflection of Him. 
We are learning new parenting tools with a preteen in the house. How to deepen the lessons of life beyond" because I said so." We are trusting somehow the best Parent will guide us now in the same but different role we are learning. 
David did cut his head open on the diving board. Of course I think diving boards are a sanctifying tool (just kidding)! The board teaches boys to conquer fear and man up if you will. It teaches their mamas to let go, grind their teeth, and know the pediatrician a number by heart! My boys are tough, really tough. Blood gushing, but fear not, David was walking around in the grass. Probably about to get back in line when a friend brought him to me. He also split his baby tooth to the nerve and had it extracted as a result of the impact. I do carry a First Aid Kit in my car now. 

As I think about trying to always be ready to tend to one of my active boys' needs, it brings me to rhis thought: Am I ready to meet a need of someone The Lord places in my path? To live a life not wasted, we will be in prayerful conversation with Jesus and will  that not change the way we talk with others? We will be speaking Truth that heals and restores. We will use what He gives us, including our time to point others to Jesus. Let's not waste our lives.