Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Follow up post.

1. Got house cleaned in two parts-downstairs late Saturday night.
Upstairs before church Sunday.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Should I call it a day

I like to plan.

I like to think about what I am going to do, then, in good planning mode, do it.

So, today I planned to do a lot. Ben was gone and I felt a little excited about the potential "cleaning out" possibilities that lurked behind a good Saturday.

I planned for a great afternoon of clean out and clean up. HOWEVER, I am the type that gets ansi after awhile in one spot, which leads to another project. It drives Ben crazy. I tend to have LOTS of projects going at one time-all of which are undone. I am a bit compulsive, so they get done before the end of the day, my day, which may not be the same time frame as others. It suits me just fine, but tonight it is 9:52 and I AM SOOOO TIRED. I planned on cleaning out a space in the major living quarters of our home AND having it clean by tomorrow. NORMALLY I would push through and get it done. I got Most Dependable in high school-go figure.....Most Compulsive would have worked (LOL) so I AM HAVING A REALLY HARD TIME LETTING IT GO. The boys are in beds with no sheets. :) I dare say, I want to put my sheets on and read......
You'll have to wait and see what I do. I know you are biting your nails. That leads me to a whole 'nother post.

I would like to add that I scrubbed my tile (has white grout) on my hands and knees and I don't know if anyone in this life will ever appreciate that except my mother. I thought of it as good exercise.

We were walking into the older boys' basketball game this morning. My lovely three year old saw a darling twoish year old with beautiful blonde hair. We were still unloading when his eye caught sight of her and he said, "Oh, she's cute." SERIOUSLY I almost fell out. I had to ask Luke if he heard that too. We couldn't believe it! David is the one that asked to be "checked out of Mother's Day Out early." Oh brother, he is truly the younger brother. Except the older two can't stand pink and are so NOT into girls-who knows where David comes up with these things!

I feel rather shallow sharing my dilemmas after all that has happened this week in other people's lives throughout the world. I think many of us are struggling with our day to day and how it compares to the ones that have lost the dearest to them. Sweet Jesus, bind them up and carry them closer to You than they ever thought possible. The boys and I were talking tonight about how amazing human beings can be-people all over the world are working together to help the people in Haiti. How quickly we will help one another and just as quickly turn on each other.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today my husband left at 4:30 a.m.
Today a fallen soldier was carefully placed on a plane.
Today my husband was on a plane with someone dear to the fallen soldier.
Today a mother and father met their fallen son.
Today someone has such grief I can not comprehend.
Today someone on the other side of the world is putting their life on the line for mine.
Today I can be thankful for the soldiers serving our country.
Today there was a moment of silence.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tomorrow I....

Tomorrow, I set the alarm.

Tomorrow, I exercise.

Tomorrow, I get out of pj's before noon. Who's kidding, before 3:00.

Tomorrow, I hustle my children through breakfast.

Tomorrow, I enjoy coffee and Bible study early in the morning.

Tomorrow, I send my boys off to learn what they need to equip them for life.

Tomorrow, I teach children who will impact our world.

Tomorrow, has the potential to make a great difference on lives that are young.

Tomorrow, I teach future mothers, fathers, doctors, lawyers, presidents, ambassadors, bankers, nurses, foresters, preachers, chefs, artists, teachers and writers.

Tomorrow, I invest in the lives of those that will impact our world.

Tomorrow, Sweet Jesus, show me in my home how to impact my children for you.

Tomorrow, may I teach in a way that will leave lasting, life long lessons on my students' hearts.

Tomorrow, may I draw out the gifts that you have given each child that I teach.

Tomorrow, holds much promise.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I throw in the towel

Around these parts, there is a feud.

You might have some ideas conjuring up in your head.

It is a heated debate.

Like the one about the parents that don't find out what gender the baby is until the baby is born....I was just not one of those people. Many of you are and I am glad for you. I am also glad for me because I love to know what I am having before the arrival. I am just as happy as can be.

HOWEVER, that is NOT the debate.

The hot debate in our neck of the woods is Walmart vs the up and coming Publix. I am/have been a loyal Walgal now for some time. Have you heard of Dave Ramsey? We are big fans. I am on a grocery budget. Have been for years. I am also proud to say if there was a day when I went over budget, I went right on through the line and over to Customer Service and returned excess. I am a budget lover. I love to be nerdy like that. Nothing like a good spread sheet working out just right. Math is not my strong suit, so going over happened more than once, but could be taken care of and the bottom line was the right number-right on budget.

HOWEVER, there is a new store coming to town. You might know it: Publix. Darby has told me I will love it. Amanda has introduced me to some great sites for coupons. Gals, I think, I am in; I will be a Publix girl. I have looked, compared, and tonight was the straw that broke the camels back. I spent $140.00 on groceries with very little to show for it at Walmart.

I am getting down to business-it is by no means an easy job to feed all these youngens on a budget. Plus, I don't want to feed them garbage. That means it is so much more expensive. You know what your mama said, "It is harder {more costly} to do the right thing." I am going to start couponing. I am official. I am awaiting Publix with great anticipation. I see a new dawn rising.

Here are some sites you won't want to miss.

Check out this site for a great give away!!!!!

Other sites I have visited today:

Now then. You have emailed and facebooked about the trip to New York.

Mom and I leave in February. Some hotels we are looking into include:

Thoughts on that?

Wicked is our play of choice this go round. We have been fortunate to see Les Mis, Phantom, and Cats some in NY and some off Broadway.

Some funny insight on me.

I thought Broadway was one magical, huge theater. Like what I remembered from Annie. When I went to New York about ten years ago, I was so disappointed that my legs barely fit in the space provided. I couldn't believe that there were a bunch of different theaters. I thoroughly enjoyed the show anyway.

Can't wait.
Getting a little stressed and sad about leaving the boys. I know, I know. I am guessing if you have left your little people you know how I feel.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am bound

mom with ben and david

My mom and I are New York bound in February!
I can't wait!!!!!
Have you been there? What did you do? What plays did you see? Of course, where did you eat? Do tell shopping secrets too!