Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tomorrow I....

Tomorrow, I set the alarm.

Tomorrow, I exercise.

Tomorrow, I get out of pj's before noon. Who's kidding, before 3:00.

Tomorrow, I hustle my children through breakfast.

Tomorrow, I enjoy coffee and Bible study early in the morning.

Tomorrow, I send my boys off to learn what they need to equip them for life.

Tomorrow, I teach children who will impact our world.

Tomorrow, has the potential to make a great difference on lives that are young.

Tomorrow, I teach future mothers, fathers, doctors, lawyers, presidents, ambassadors, bankers, nurses, foresters, preachers, chefs, artists, teachers and writers.

Tomorrow, I invest in the lives of those that will impact our world.

Tomorrow, Sweet Jesus, show me in my home how to impact my children for you.

Tomorrow, may I teach in a way that will leave lasting, life long lessons on my students' hearts.

Tomorrow, may I draw out the gifts that you have given each child that I teach.

Tomorrow, holds much promise.


Allison said...

I believe the word for tomorrow should be "Balance"...or maybe "Challenge". You can do it! See you then!

J said...

tomorrow I....am going to be SO SAD to send my precious daughter back to school. :( I have TREASURED these pajama days and this sweet time as a family...watching movies and reading in front of the fire...it's been a little taste of heaven!

Blessings to you, my friend, as you start a new year!

Tonja said...

TOMORROW...you will be fabulous...as always.

Do what you do, and do it well, but remember...do well for yourself, as well!

Send me a copy of that pic of the boys...It is great!

Kristen said...

Very true, friend. I am just getting to read your NYC/Publix post. I am very excited about Publix...my MIL went to a couponing workshop in Mobile and the presenter (a stay at home mom)said Publix is her first choice for coupons/saving/shopping. They stack coupons and take coupons from other competitors. Her website is bargainbuggyblog.com

Have so much fun in New York! I have seen Les Mis, Phantom, Mama Mia, and Thoroughly Modern Millie. Would love to see Wicked...great choice. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

Our Family said...

Another website for publix is www.southersavers.com -- she will put the coupon beside it so you can either print it or get it from your coupons. I love Publix!! The kids get a free cookie when you go which always makes our trip much easier.

Henley on the Horn said...

I hope it went well!!

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Paula (SweetPea) said...

Great picture. What's the age difference in your two oldest? They look very much the same age or very close.