Monday, February 8, 2010


Hey strangers!!!! We have been swamped down here. It is a busy season for our family. I leave this week for New York with my mom. We celebrated her 60th birthday last week and we are continuing to do so as we make our mark in the Big City. ;)
I have been reading like a mad woman. I love to read, love it!!! I want to be in a book club and enjoy tea and crumpets while reflecting, maybe one day soon.?.
I have just finished Help. An unforgettable story of life in the South through the eyes of different women in the 60's. Creatively written from different perspectives; a story of piercing truth that all truly need to feel. Prepare to weep and smile.
Today, I am thankful for sunshine. I am thankful that I woke up and that today is simply, a normal day. I know that is bizarre, but when so many things can happen in your day that change so much, one becomes thankful for normality.
Now, I am off to eat some chocolate cheesecake. Cause life is normal and cheesecake should be a part of a normal day.