Friday, March 26, 2010

Life is...


You all may have seen the Life is good shirt. Luke was sporting his shirt and I asked him what it said.

"Life is not fair!" :)

Good ol' boy! He is too precious.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rain Days

Rainy days can be full of fun! The boys love playing on the Plasma Car. To be honest, I love to ride on it too!!!! Our garage also doubles as a race track. :) I just back my bus out and voila, a race track!

David is a bit strong-willed. He got a bike for Christmas and didn't want anything to do with it. Then, all of the sudden, he likes it. He is also really into riding his "bitricycle". :)

Our eggshell grass is growing GREAT! They are happy little eggs with happy little grass sprouts!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Such Fun!

We enjoyed our time together over Spring Break! We loved getting to bop around Dothan and enjoy things like the Art Museum (which has a WONDERFUL children's gallery with hands-on-fun!!!), Landmark Park, and home. :)

I loved watching the boys have fun at Landmark! There is always so much to see and hear. I loved mostly, watching them be boys. It makes my heart happy to see the older two care for the youngest one. I love little hands in the dirt-feeling life! Throwing caution to the wind (safely)and hang upside down just for fun. I love how they take it all in!

Dear Boys,

I love each of you so much and can't wait to see your friendships grow in the years to come. We love laughing and making memories with you. You guys keep us on our toes, that is certain! Luke, we have been praying for David's salvation and you did a GREAT job explaining what it means to be a Christian. David isn't ready yet, but at the right time, the seed you have planted will be watered by Heaven, and it will grow. Just like we talked about. Daddy and I love how you and Benjamin are growing in your faith. We are thankful. David, we are thankful for how your understanding is increasing and we trust that at the Lord's timing, the Holy Spirit will touch your little soul too.
Do you see the picture of David's shadow? I want each of you to see your shadow and enjoy your boyhood. The small shadow will all too quickly get bigger. For now, embrace every little speck of dirt under your fingernails. Feel every bit of swinging upside down, the wind whipping across your face. LOVE life. Leave your handprints on lives, touch them. Because it is not merely your handprint you leave, but your Maker's. Make colorful music. Sing the song of life as loud as you can!
I love you more than you will ever know. You make my life song beautiful.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Moment of Silence-Spring Break 2010

We are growing grass via cracked, WASHED egg shells, thanks Darby for the idea to use eggshells for Easter decorations. This was our science activity for the day.

Breakfast this morning was HUGE GREEN pancakes!

They are all ASLEEP.

A few years ago, my mom gave me wise counsel to nurture my own boys friendship with each other. So, many a day it is just the three of them. They are fortunate to be involved in sports, school, and church where wonderful extended friendships flourish, however, the rule at our house is=Your brother IS your best friend. Period. As in you are sticking by each other through thick and thin. Today, has been a day devoted to them. Their friendship, brotherly fun.
Here it is in pictures.

Monday, March 15, 2010


So, after I read Misty's comment, I realized something.
It doesn't have to be all or nothing.
I tend to be a black and white thinker.
I felt since I didn't have time to post pictures and do what I felt was a good job blogging, I just should not do it.
But I felt sad when the boys did something over the last few days that I thought should "make the blog."

THANK you for reminding me girls that I can be simplified WITHOUT giving up what I enjoy.
I am so a work in progress.

I will be sporadic in posting, but that is okay. I love that I can look back over the last couple years and read about our family. Little snippets from our life, our everyday comments, thoughts and pictures. I am in the midst of a really busy time. I want to make the most of the next few months with Luke before he goes to first grade all day and enjoy my time with David after school. Perhaps it has more to do with our stage of life. It is a FANTASTIC stage of playing ball with Benjamin and Luke(which is funny to watch me), trying to find ways to intertwine spiritual life lessons in the everyday moments, discipline in a meaningful way, as well as type a post with David on my back (actually happening at present).


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Bye

I am thinking based on my lack of posts lately, it might be time to hang it up.
I have no nappers in the nest anymore.
I have many baseballs to throw, dirt to sweep out of the house, bugs to catch, and spray N wash to use.
I have loved sharing our lives with you; the funny, precious moments! It is hard for me to think about doing something in a kinda way. Thus, I have the need to explain what I intend to do and how it is I came to this.
Right now, I don't have the energy (at least not when I need to wake up) to stay up late to post. My afternoons need to be spent doing sight words, cleaning out my car, and pretty much getting the laundry put away.
I have loved your comments and getting to meet new friends as well as catching up with old ones!
I have loved reading about many of your families.
I will miss blogging so much, but my little guys and my big one need my attention. I have learned this in the last few years- I don't want to do it all. :) Not to mention, I can't do it all. So, that which God has called me to, is what I want to do best. PLEASE don't go thinkin' that I am some great Christian woman with her ducks in a row.....I dare you to look in my car, or my house for that matter, not to mention my heart! Many of you gals have a ministry of encouraging other women through your blogs and you are able to use it in great ways!!!! Please don't feel that I am saying blogging is wrong. By no means. This is where I am now, for me, for my family.
Here are some closing quotes from a Bible study I am doing on Becoming a Woman of Simplicity:
"In seeking the Best we soon find that our enemy is our good things, not our bad. The things that keep us back from God's best are not sin and imperfection, but the things that are right and good and noble from a natural standpoint...very few of us debate with the sordid and evil and wrong, but we do debate with the good." Oswald Chambers

"O Lord, may I be directed what to do and what to leave undone." Elizabeth Fry

"Because I'm less concerned with what others think, my schedule is less crowded with things I once imagined would earn me recognition and fill my empty heart. I now enjoy the freedom to say yes to opportunities that produce gladness in my heart and a greater freedom to say no, even if it's a good thing I've been invited to do. This doesn't mean that I'm less busy. It simply means that there's time now for things I was always hoping before to squeeze into my schedule." Fil Anderson

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Long time; no speak.

Bulleted remarks from a slack blogger:
*New York was wonderful! Wicked rocked my world!!! I would LOVE to be able to sing and dance on stage! That is why I teach Kindergarten! They think I can sing!!!!!
*I have a story that is written, not edited and probably at this phase of my life will hang over my head until summer.
*Today is Dr. Seuss' birthday, so cuddle your favorite kiddo and enjoy some fun Seuss books tonight!
*Dolly Madison is perhaps one of my newest interests. As of last night.
*I just finished 3 FABULOUSLY WONDERFUL books about the character of Mr. Darcy. Written after Pride and Prejudice, but keenly aware of the original time and characters with the development of new story lines! Highly recommend it!
*Happy Birthday to my favorite (and only) sister in law and brother in law!
*Laundry tip for winter: Put a load in when you wake up to wash, transfer to dryer at noon, fold by afternoon and put a load in washer, put in to dry after dinner and fold following morning! I have been keeping up with the laundry this way!!!!!! AT LEAST for now I should say! :)

ATTENTION Moms and Teachers:
GREAT website alert:

Great resources for moms, teachers, and homeschooling parents~

Downloading pictures will/may come later!