Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rain Days

Rainy days can be full of fun! The boys love playing on the Plasma Car. To be honest, I love to ride on it too!!!! Our garage also doubles as a race track. :) I just back my bus out and voila, a race track!

David is a bit strong-willed. He got a bike for Christmas and didn't want anything to do with it. Then, all of the sudden, he likes it. He is also really into riding his "bitricycle". :)

Our eggshell grass is growing GREAT! They are happy little eggs with happy little grass sprouts!

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J said...

Oh dear me, Andi. I LOVE the plasma car, too. In fact, I bought one with birthday money a few years ago...and I rode it and rode it and rode it. We zigged and zagged all over our house. I still ride it...even rode it while preg with Little Bit. We should totally get together sometime and ride! :)