Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't Hold The Phone

I wanted to share briefly how God is working in my life. Recently, He has really ministered to me through a couple of people that have said, "I am thinking about you." Last week, I got a text on my way to school that was from a dear friend, Susie, who wanted me to know she was praying for me because she was thinking of me. Notice the phrasing: she prayed for me because she thought of me. My mom called Friday and said, "What can I do for you today? I want to help you."
Another was a phone call today from my friend Katherine. Her kind voice was music to my ears: "Hey I was thinking of you...." No one specifically had anything to call about or reason other than they were thinking of me. Their thoughts were controlled by our Heavenly Father. Isn't He so gracious to encourage us through His Spirit prompting others to speak words of love? The words I don't think matter as much as the connection to the "doing." I didn't just cross their minds briefly, they acted on their thought intentionally.
Isn't that what we are called to do as Christians? To love one another? These precious friends took the time to personally contact me. We live in such a hurried society. On to the next thing, it easily becomes a game of how much we can actually fit into the rectangle on our daily planner and even BETTER is to CHECK IT ALL!!!!!
Do we make time to care, to love? I am so thankful for these friends who, by their actions, have reminded me to slow down and ask the Lord to show me who He wants me to speak to-intentionally, without hurrying, without an agenda, to just say, "Hey, I was thinking about you."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We Began

I am the M and my sweet friend/aide is G. :)

My two guys are in full swing at school.
Benjamin has declared he needs a holiday.
Luke got to bring home the Morning Message today. He was so proud of it, he wanted to hang it on the wall. It will have a place of honor.
So, there you have it.
They are all smiles. We enjoyed special dinners of their choice before their first night of school. They get to pick the menu. :) Benjamin picked spaghetti and meatballs and Luke picked homemade mac-n-cheese. Last night, a dear friend invited us to their home for dinner so I wouldn't have to cook. HOW SWEET IS THAT???? Thanks Suzanne!!!!
After orientations, I take them individually for dinner or lunch. That my friends, is priceless time. Lots of encouraging can happen: for the mommy and the child. :)
I am busy getting to know a new group of precious students. We had orientation Monday night and what a sweet, sweet group of loving parents! What a joy it is to partner with parents and pray together at an orientation for their children and for our year together.

It was really hard for me to realize Benjamin was at school all day.
I LOVE 2:30 when we load up to go get our Buddy! It is such a fun time for the boys to come home and be together. The first day, I cried because this is the next step, but mostly because I know I am entrusting him to others for longer than I get to have him. I love school, obviously; I am a teacher. However, it was really hard to know we would never go backwards to the "at home" days with naps, walks, and playing ball in the mornings. I know we have the summer, but this is a new chapter for our family. I am really trying to be intentional in the afternoons with Luke knowing next year, he'll fly off to the Big School.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It was a GREAT Day!

First grade rocks.
My first grader is one happy camper.
He didn't even mention coming home at lunch.
I am glad to say....
He enjoyed his day tremendously!
Carline was a breeze. I just hopped in line and followed the person in front of me. Whew!

I miss checking in with you folks! I am so busy getting our family geared up for school and getting my classroom ready that I haven't been able to read your blogs lately!

I will be back with pictures hopefully some time this weekend.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting Ready!

Hey folks! Remember me?
I have been getting my kiddos ready for school.
Truly a delight and honor. We LOVE our schools! One of my boys is a bit nervous. Actually, really nervous about spending a full day at school. He wants to come home and eat lunch with me. I personally like the idea, but it is time.
My room is ready with new names, my students from last year are in their new rooms. That pulls on my heartstrings too! Like I said to another mom, "Once one of my students, always one of my students."
I am hopeful that each one of you embraces this season of new beginnings. May the force be with you as you conquer the phenomenon known as car line.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Goal and A Dream

photo complement of flickr

I have a goal. I have desired to do this for years. For about fifteen years.

The hard part is actually doing it. It is daunting. Much bigger than myself. I have the desire and the drive to do it. To climb this mountain. I am just sizing it up right now. I have sat under experts and continually stand amazed at their gift. I have tried different times, to no avail. I feel like the time is right. Now. How does one begin a larger than life project? Well, at the beginning. Lots of reading and listening. Mainly dreaming. Oh the dreams are big!
Isn't that so fun? I think as a wife and mom, I benefit my family by stretching myself. Stretching would be an understatement at this point. I am probably more like Bambi on ice. I believe God has given me this desire to push myself out of my comfort zone and go for it. I might not achieve any Caldecott honors or awards, but I am going to do my best. I am going to climb this Mount, Lord willing. Words last. So, to my boys, I will leave a legacy to them from me.
I guess you could say, fingerprints on the paper.
I want to weave words. To make stories that capture the minds of the children and take them to the places they dream of. Mainly, I want my children to know the power of words. I want them to know their thoughts and ideas are important. I want them to know the beautiful art that it is. The music that can flow from the line of a written message. To me, a story is a song in and of itself.
It is a little scary to actually write these words. It seems I am now acknowledging my dream of writing and failure is quite likely. So, perhaps the process is more profitable than the end result. I imagine I will learn more about myself through this experience. I am learning persistence, I am learning the importance of sizing a mountain before the climb and planning, but the dream is what I hold to when the mountain top has hazy clouds around the top and is out of sight. The dream is big. I can just close my eyes, dream, and sing a song through words on paper knowing there is a mountain top even though I can't see it. Yet.