Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting Ready!

Hey folks! Remember me?
I have been getting my kiddos ready for school.
Truly a delight and honor. We LOVE our schools! One of my boys is a bit nervous. Actually, really nervous about spending a full day at school. He wants to come home and eat lunch with me. I personally like the idea, but it is time.
My room is ready with new names, my students from last year are in their new rooms. That pulls on my heartstrings too! Like I said to another mom, "Once one of my students, always one of my students."
I am hopeful that each one of you embraces this season of new beginnings. May the force be with you as you conquer the phenomenon known as car line.


Paula (SweetPea) said...

UNfortunately the only car line I'm familiar with is fast food.

Angie said...

Perry was nervous about school too, but was much better after orientation Monday night. He told me he already likes first grade now. I am sad to say that I am much more heart broken about him eating lunch at school than he is. I think he is just excited about his spiderman lunchbox! Can't wait to hear how carline goes. Amazing that it requires its own power point presentation!