Saturday, January 23, 2010

Should I call it a day

I like to plan.

I like to think about what I am going to do, then, in good planning mode, do it.

So, today I planned to do a lot. Ben was gone and I felt a little excited about the potential "cleaning out" possibilities that lurked behind a good Saturday.

I planned for a great afternoon of clean out and clean up. HOWEVER, I am the type that gets ansi after awhile in one spot, which leads to another project. It drives Ben crazy. I tend to have LOTS of projects going at one time-all of which are undone. I am a bit compulsive, so they get done before the end of the day, my day, which may not be the same time frame as others. It suits me just fine, but tonight it is 9:52 and I AM SOOOO TIRED. I planned on cleaning out a space in the major living quarters of our home AND having it clean by tomorrow. NORMALLY I would push through and get it done. I got Most Dependable in high school-go figure.....Most Compulsive would have worked (LOL) so I AM HAVING A REALLY HARD TIME LETTING IT GO. The boys are in beds with no sheets. :) I dare say, I want to put my sheets on and read......
You'll have to wait and see what I do. I know you are biting your nails. That leads me to a whole 'nother post.

I would like to add that I scrubbed my tile (has white grout) on my hands and knees and I don't know if anyone in this life will ever appreciate that except my mother. I thought of it as good exercise.

We were walking into the older boys' basketball game this morning. My lovely three year old saw a darling twoish year old with beautiful blonde hair. We were still unloading when his eye caught sight of her and he said, "Oh, she's cute." SERIOUSLY I almost fell out. I had to ask Luke if he heard that too. We couldn't believe it! David is the one that asked to be "checked out of Mother's Day Out early." Oh brother, he is truly the younger brother. Except the older two can't stand pink and are so NOT into girls-who knows where David comes up with these things!

I feel rather shallow sharing my dilemmas after all that has happened this week in other people's lives throughout the world. I think many of us are struggling with our day to day and how it compares to the ones that have lost the dearest to them. Sweet Jesus, bind them up and carry them closer to You than they ever thought possible. The boys and I were talking tonight about how amazing human beings can be-people all over the world are working together to help the people in Haiti. How quickly we will help one another and just as quickly turn on each other.

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Tonja said...

Iknow! I know! You put sheets on all the beds and everyone went to bed! Right?

That David! He's starting early! Better watch him! Too cute!

You know, I think what we have to do, when our lives are uncomplicated, is to live them and enjoy them and gather strength from the good times. Because, it will be our turn to go through the upheaval and sadness, and we should be ready. At those times, we need beautiful memories to see us through.

I miss you and the boys. Hope to see you soon! When is NY? Do you need help with the boys?