Monday, January 5, 2009

The Smell; A Colleger's Perspective

Yes, I know Collegar is not a "real" word, however, around our neck of the woods it is.
I went there.  That place that is sucking a lot of money out of our account just to keep what I have already earned.  
The smell was there.  You remember it.  The smell in the stairwell of all academic institutions.
It has a distinct odor lurking.


J said...

That pic took me back...I took a public speaking class in college and this biology major did a speech on germs living on surfaces we touch daily...he showed us the cultures he'd taken, etc. and how they grew, etc. and then...after we were all feeling pretty grossed out...he told us he'd swiped those germs from the stair railing leading up to our class room, the door knob we all turned to go on in, as well as the bathroom locks on the stall was pretty gross! Disgusting, actually. So...use some germ x! Thought you might get a kick out of that. :)

Seriously though, I hope all goes well and I hope you got some fun new notebooks and pens.

Tonja said...

Yes, I remember it well. And, everytime I would have to go to one of my boys schools when they were growing up...I would be hit by that same smell again.

Maybe it is the odor of 'learning'. Actually, I think that it probably is the odor of all those brain cells that are leaking out the ears of all the students because the institutions of higher learning are trying to fill their heads with so much 'useless; information, there is not room for the cranium to accept it all...thus the leaking...and the smell.

Just a possibility...seeing as how I have NEVER needed to know who fought the war of 1812, or 'if a + b = c, then why does a = d?' Also, why do participles dangle? And why do I even need a participle in my life?

Some things for you, MS. COLLEGER, to think upon...
And, there will be a quiz...

Lori said...

I actually loved that smell! It is distinct. I also love the way it smells in the Houston Love Memorial Library. What is wrong with me? Hope your back to school experience goes smoothly. Don't forget to pack a snack.