Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green....

David's New Bed=
Ben's Old Bed

So, I was cleaning Ben's old bed on Sunday.  See it, it's really green.  I like the color.  I am hoping to find bedding to match it.  I think I found something here.  I am thinking of ordering it, but if you have seen some fabric or a great site that I need to check on before I break the bank on a full size quilt, let me know.  I don't have to keep the green, but I was just feeling it was easy being green.  What do you think?  
About the little critters.  I saw him scurry across our fence as I was washing the bed Sunday and felt inspired to try new settings on my new(Christmas) camera.  See he is green like the bed.
Well, the last three days have been interesting to say the least in regards to David.  Let's just say I've talked with Poison Control Monday and Tuesday.  Today isn't over yet, but maybe we'll be in the clear.  If not, I feel certain DHR will be arriving by midnight.  Probably not, but seriously I have a baby proof and toddler proof house-trust me.  I guess it's not David proof  More to come on that later.
May the Force be with you...heeehheee.  Like my quote from Star Wars?  Found it very applicable right now.

Quote of the day,"Mommy why are you always eating?"  Benjamin inquired.
"Well, I don't know.  I am hungry."  Mommy responded.
"Well, you sure are eating a lot." Benjamin noted.

Mommy could have said due to stress levels, ones eating might increase.
Papers due for college course(remember, keeping current teaching certificate), Poison Control phone calls two days in a row, and the joys of being a mama are all valid reasons for increased appetite.  :) 


Tonja said...

I love PB kids stuff! It is very well made, too. I do not think you could go wrong keeping the bed green...almost any color would go great with it!

PS...I like green apple!

PSS...Did yo hear I was 'knocking 'em out' at practice today?

The McDonalds said...

Love the green bed & the color adds to it!!!! Leave the color for sure...

Kristen said...

Love the green bed! AC has PBK quilt bedding and has since she moved to a "big girl" bed at age two and a half. It still looks great!

mabarnes said...

Hi Andi...I love reading your blog. Anyway, I adore the green bed! I saw some precious blue and green bedding at Target the other day. Just thought I'd let you know.