Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Conference, The Fountain Drink

I just returned from Samford University.  I am a graduate of Samford and have been blessed to attend a Summer Institute for Teaching Excellence with my dear friends and fellow teachers.  I am beyond thankful for our friendships that we have at the preschool where I teach-it really is a God thing!  
On my way home, I stopped at a Chevron on  highway 231.  
I was thirsty.  From singing.   That tendency can drive my boys batty.  The iPod was invented for people like me.  Now I can just sing any time I want to!!!!  And sing I do.  Aren't you proud Tonja?
So, the need to quench my thirst was great and I pulled into a nice clean facility to get a little gas and a GREAT BIG FOUNTAIN DIET COKE!  You know there is nothing better.
I had cash.
Apparently, cash is becoming like a thing of the past in America.
I kept pushing the help button.  To no avail.  
I pull up to another tank since I am now wet with sweat and REALLY thirsty.
I notice signs on all of the other tanks.  IF you have cash, pay inside.  Oh.  
I just wish the little lady inside would have used her little microphone to let me know I was looking like an idiot.
I headed inside to pay CASH for my gas and to purchase my icy, big, refreshing Diet Coke.
As I filled my cup, the cola ran out and was only the carbonated water-OH NO!!!!! I mention to the little lady the problem- thinking she would quickly switch the tanks.  Not so much.  She stayed where she was and said she would have to change it-her body language insinuated later as opposed to earlier.
Get this-I said,"Well here is my cup, I guess you just want me to throw it away?"
I said it like a question, but what I really meant was-sorry about the cup, I am not waiting for the Diet Coke tank change.
"No don't throw away that cup, it is my inventory.  I will just rinse it with a little Clorox."

Do you get what she is saying?

She was going to swish a cup that I handled, filled with some liquid and put Clorox in it and put it BACK OUT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO BUY!!!!!

I looked at her in disbelief and said, " Ma'am that is GROSS!!!!!!"

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Kellie said...

No way - I think I would have called the health department right then and there!!!! WOW!!!!

Dona said...

Oh well, I guess the person who gets that cup can rest assured that there will be no germs in it!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Aw...cliff hanger. What did she said to your "ma'am that is gross." I'm guessing nothing.

Wouldn't the next person taste the clorox? Isn't that toxic to ingest bleach even if only a swish. I guess I'll need to examine my cups more closely, even taking a whiff.

You are right, nothing better than a diet coke from the fountain. Except for maybe if you add cherry or vanilla flavoring. A few of our gas stations have the flavorings you can add yourself for free. One has it behind the counter and charges 50 cents per squirt.

I fear many things like this happen in fast food and restaurant joints. I had the unfortunate of picking up my Papa John' pizza yesterday to see that neither the dough maker nor the pizza assembler wore gloves. The dough maker/tosser even had long hair and NO net. Oh my. I wish I could live without others cooking my food.

Tonja said...

1. Yes, I am proud of you...sing, sing, sing!

2. That is gross! I can not believe she was going to use the cup again! That's unreal!

3. I bet you girls had fun at the conference! But, you should have had a chaperone!!! You know who!

4. The curly willow are old...have had them several year. Great, huh?

J said...

That is disgusting. So glad to know the local...will avoid! :)

Kat said...

No way!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable.

And disgusting!


Sherrie said...

Oh my...that is gross!!! You are starting to run into the same people that Tonja always runs into!!! :)