Sunday, June 28, 2009

A little mishap

Meet Coal.  He is a great dog.  Given the opportunity, Coal doesn't mind taking the scenic route.

I was watering our flowers the other day.  Several hours later, I noticed Coal was not on the porch.  He is an outside dog.  As you know, it is about the temperature of Mercury around here lately.  I figured he was long gone since it had been so long.  The kids were all asleep for their naps and I couldn't go look for him.

I opened the garage door to call for him and I found him resting on the mat in the garage.  Too hot even for a dog to run away with a wide open gate!

A little over  a year ago, I got a call.  Very early.  Like something was wrong early.  A sweet little lady just wanted me to know that Coal was in her laundry room.  She complemented him and told me what a good dog he was.  I couldn't take it all in when she was telling me, as I was still in shock that she told me OUR dog was in HER laundry room.  Apparently, he went in through her doggie door.  Nice.

1 comment:

Paula (SweetPea) said...

They must have one big cat/doggie door for Coal to fit.