Monday, July 6, 2009

Rainy Day and the News

This is Uncle Daniel, Ben's brother.  I have some news!  He is getting married!  He asked Brooke(click here to visit her site) to marry him, and guess what?  She said, "Yes!"  Congratulations Daniel!    

About the new header:  
The hands are Benjamin's and Luke's on  glass doors we have going into our living room.
I was able to do some really fun editing stuff at this site (click here to try it out).

We have enjoyed our rainy day today.
We home schooled (we do this in the summer) this morning.  I absolutely love getting to teach them.  I know the time is so short and we will look back on that fondly.  

After that, we went and did a little (emphasis on little) work in my room today.
I always start to get excited thinking about the upcoming school year!!!!!

Then, we went to Barnes and Noble.  We had so much fun there, until it was time to leave.  

We enjoyed an indoor picnic at home today since it was so rainy.  How thankful I am for the rain!!!  Our little vegetable garden is smiling.  


Tonja said...

I have noticed the new header...and I like it very much. You are a clever girl, Shanni!

A wedding in the fun! I will be very happy when Ian tell me there is going to be another wedding in our family! But, he is having too much fun seeing just how many fish are in that blue sea!

Working on your room? That's just like you, Ms organized! Are you keeping the same room or are you taking Stephanie's room? Do y'all have a new teacher yet? I'm going to be so lonely when school starts. I think I want to be the book reader for your class! I'll bring some of my fav books and read to them while you take a break and go visiting or something!

Give the boys a hug! Love you!

J said...

Congrats to Daniel!!


Brooke and Brittany said...

Yippie! Thanks Andi!

We need to get together next time you are in town and talk wedding, I've got my thoughts a little more together now!

Kristen said...

Congrats on getting a new SIL and I love the new header!

Kat said...

I've been meaning to mention your new header...perfect!

Congrats to the newly engaged couple.