Monday, July 12, 2010

It shined


David and Luke were playing in the playroom. Then, Ben and I heard THE scream. If you are a parent, you know the sound of THE scream. It is a sound like no other. The volume, the emotion, the pitch-all bundled together to create THE scream. It pierces your ears and tears apart your heart. You hear it only occasionally, but you know THE scream means business. Real business. It marks disaster and reverberates in your mind. It echos through your ears and freezes time.

The two boys were playing dog. David was the dog and Luke was the master. Luke found a bungee cord with a plastic hook that looked just like a leash. Somehow, it snapped David in the face. Directly under his eye and it split open. Thus-THE scream was sounded and we met him on the steps. Luke was as calm as possible and took good care to tell us what happened. How thankful we were to find out that his eyeball was not damaged and that he only needed strips to piece the skin back together. I still can hear it-THE scream.



mat said...


Bless David's little heart. He sure is a trooper. I know with Luke's sweet little heart, he was devastated about what happen. Praise the Lord it did not do more damage being so close to his eye. We will pray for a speedy recovery.
Have a great week!

Mary Alice :)

J said...

Poor little guy. He is so tough. Wow.

The Grand Hotel, huh? (I am smiling.) Please tell David I'm his new best friend.

Tonja said...

Nothing a little peanut butter can't cure, huh? Hope he heals quickly...though I doubt it will slow him down any. :)