Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Do you ever find it difficult to have peaceful faith? There are situations and seasons that fly into our lives uninvited and catch us off guard. The difficult times produce growth in my faith. However, the day to day circumstances can often be the biggest hang up for me. Not to say I soar victoriously through the "big" trials of life-oh no. I just mean that today, out of the blue I was slammed into a spiral of inner-conflict that did not remain so inner (I should say). Just ask my dear sweet husband. :)
I know that my peace comes from the Lord. He is my Rock, my Hiding Place, and the gentle whisper I hear in the morning breeze. He is peace to me. I sense it early in the morning on my back porch while I talk with Him or in my "special" room where it is quiet and cozy for even a few moments. I just wish I would savor the peacefulness and gentleness that hovers in those moments of quiet throughout the day. How quickly I can become unravelled. How fast my temper or fears will grip me. I wish I would call upon my Shepherd with more haste so as not to let the one whom is seeking my destruction like a hungry lion a moment of temporary victory.


J said...

Oh yes, yes, yes. I know these feelings and experiences all too well. I am praying for you.

PS Love your new layout. Beautiful!

Tonja said...

Oh, my dear...we all wish the same as you. So many times, we think we are the only ones who face these struggles...and we are so wrong. Of course, some folks want you to believe that, but it's not so. It is just another wonderful thing about our Father that He accepts us as we are. Maybe He just shakes he head, and laughs a little and says, "That Shanni, she just has a hard time every now and then. I'm just gonna have to keep a closer eye on that one!" I know He may say that about you, because I heard Him say the same thing about me one time!!!