Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sundays and Adventures


I know if you are a parent, you will understand when I say, " Often, training a child in church is exhausting." YOU know what I mean!!!! We are bringing David into big church and it is going okay. Not great, but okay. It isn't just my three year old that tries me, but my older ones too. But I know there is a promise; God's word does not return void. We are commanded to train up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We love worship. We love involving our children in worship. THEY just don't always love it. Not yet. So until then, boys, mama and daddy are doing our best to love you and teach you to worship, not to be perfect, but to worship. It isn't about being perfect, 'cause I am certainly not that in the pew myself(I may not be wiggling, talking or drawing on my brother), but I have sin issues. I just hope for you to experience true worship. The reverence, the beauty, the freedom to be who you are and come before the Lord of all and worship.


We would love to take a family mini vacation. So, I am going to try to plan a weekend trip for July. Ben and I have tossed around some ideas for an adventure, but would love some ideas for fun get-aways that your families have done. I can't wait to hear some of the fun places you've found! :)

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Tonja said...

love those pics!

I offer a tip to help kids stay quiet during worship. You can be doing something with your hands and still be listening. I know because I do it every Sunday! With my boys, I would take a pkg of pipe cleaners, and give each boy 2. They had to play solo and could not intereact with each other. But, the pipe cleaners were quiet, if they dropped them, they were not noisy. These worked well for us. And, they could not play with them during the week, only on Sunday.
Because I explained to them, that it was important to listen, when they got older, I would ask a question from the service they should know the answer to. If they missed it, no pc the next week.

Just a thought from another mother of 3 beautiful boys!