Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ben's Birthday Night

Not to brag, but my husband is HOT and an awesome ball player. I have a hard time typing the word softball in connection with Ben. I guess it's sort of funny that this guy doesn't play baseball, but softball. He played on our church league this spring. That was interesting to be honest. There were occasionally heated words from my end since we were trying to juggle two OTHER ball teams (Ben also helped coach one) and The Ball Field MONSTER (David). I'll be frank, I wasn't always the smiling happy wife sending her champion off for a great game of ball. The Three Musketeers, The Three Amigos, or The Three Stooges (whichever you call them) often wanted to go cheer on their Daddy, but instead of watching, they would do this:
Therefore, we limited our spectating. When I talked to the boys about running around when we were supposed to be watching the game Luke replied cooly,"You don't really mind. You must like it (running) because you take pictures of us." OOOOOOPs. My BAD!

ben baseball
Ben, we are proud of your ability to send the ball out of the ball field!

This little dumpling melts my heart. She wrinkles her little nose when she smiles at you and she ALWAYS seems to greet me with a smile. We were among her VERY FIRST babysitters.
This little gumdrop took a liking to David. He loved it!!!!! They rolled the ball back and forth. Precious!!!! She has just learned to walk.
ben and david
There were a few dugout kisses.

ben and benjamin
A few dugout pep talks.
Followed by Molten Cake. It was a party in our mouths.

An email lesson for mom given by Ben who may be the only one with enough patience to teach her to email. No offense mom, we're just proud of you for trying. I don't think she has checked her email since it was set up and her "trial" email sent.
Happy Birthday Ben!


Anonymous said...

Oh,I am so proud of your Mom!! She didn't tell me she was taking lessons. I think she will love e-mailing once she gets used to it. Before it's all over, she might even have a facebook page! How festive! (as she would say). I love the pictures of the boys. They are growing up TOO fast...

Mary Lise

Tonja said...

Happy Birthday, Ben! You are a blessed man with a wonderful family. God bless you all.

Kim said...

cute baby pics!! hope ben had a fantastic b-day - sad the season is over bc I loved getting to hang out with you all at the ball park!