Thursday, May 27, 2010

Survival Swimming

David was so sad he couldn't play ball this year! Being able to see under the helmet surely is a requirement! :)
Here David is doing Pilates in my socks! The heals are up to his calves!
I don't know if they call it survival swimming due to the fact that the mothers make it through or that the children learn to kick themselves to the side and pull themselves out of the pool.
I honestly, have been pleasantly surprised to my bundle of energy, fit throwing, full speed ahead 3 year old. David has done AWESOME this week. We are on day two. He is still sinking when told to get to the side, but hopefully, he will improve throughout the week. David had a great time today and so did I. We kept making each other laugh when we went under at the same time! He told me he was full in the middle of the lesson and sure enough that boy's belly was poking out...full of water!

I made corned beef for dinner. We love it! It is a super easy meal that is crock-pot prepared. I put it in this morning and added cabbage to the pot this afternoon. I like to make reuben sandwiches with the leftover meat.

Today we went downtown and went to the train depot and watched a crane load a freight car with scrap metal. A most exciting day! Tomorrow, we are planning a visit to our Art Museum. They have a GREAT new area for kids. I must admit, I love it too! Check out all they have to offer here. I'll post pictures of our time.
Linger over your coffee, go ahead and throw that load of stinky clothes in the dryer (the one we left in the washing machine on accident or on purpose), and enjoy your day!


Tonja said...

I wonder if survival swimming is what I should take!

Enjoy doing fun things with the boys. Call me and I'll have them over for an art day!

Camille said...

What fun days these are!! ENJOY every one of them!! BOYS are SO precious...I have three too. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! It is lovely to "meet" you!

Your blog title is appropriate! ;-)