Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lots of things and Monkey Eggs

This was taken by the Leon Loard Portrait studio. Thankfully this is NOT the portrait shot we chose, but it made me laugh!

For my own memory, or lack there of, I am recording some verbiage that has come forth in our home.
I bought Monkey Bread for breakfast. David apparently was a bit confused and called it Monkey Eggs. A gross mistake, but absolutely hilarious.

Benjamin has shown an interest in deodorant. He loves putting on Ben's before school. We are just glad he has an interest in NOT stinking. A bit premature, however, we'll take it when we can. I am going to switch us all over to aluminum free due to the health concerns that have continued to linger with this ingredient. Any tips on some for men, women, and boys under 8 would be appreciated. :) Okay not the eight year old, but I had to throw that in there!

Luke is now an official first grader. He no longer will be with me in the little bubble where I work. Although, we are thrilled with the big school he will attend, it pulls at my heartstrings to watch this little fellow go without me. I teach K5 and we snuck hugs on the playground, waved at each other during chapel, and of course were just there together! How I will miss you Luke, but I know you will do great next year! I do have to say Luke, you are a diligent little boy and you have worked hard this year. I am so proud of you!

This is Luke(2 1/2) and Benjamin (3 1/2) how quickly time has gone!
I can't believe Benjamin is about to be a second grader! We were looking at his baby pictures yesterday. Where has the time gone? He just finished coach pitch baseball. He really enjoyed it. He quickly realized it was more difficult than T-Ball, but it warmed my heart to see him warm up at bat and stop and ask Jesus to help him. He would just pause, look down, and I knew what he was doing. He has also begun to confess to us when he has been disrespectful to us. It often happens after bedtime. I am thankful for this step, as he is recognizing his own sin. He is sorrowful and honest. It is a blessing to reassure him that we love him no matter what, encourage him to talk to God about it, and to offer our acceptance and forgiveness. I am thankful how the Lord is working in his life and that this began WITHOUT Ben and I prompting him. I am hopeful that I will remember this down the road...the Lord works in his life as He sees fit.

A friend of mine, Christy, shared this with our Bible Study:
There was a family that was blessed with a very obedient and tender hearted child. She grew up to serve the Lord and honored her parents.
In the same family there was a son who became very rebellious in his teenage and young adult life and broke his parents heart. Of course they loved him unconditionally and trusted the Lord with this child. The mother asked her husband what they did wrong.
He replied, "Do you take credit for what the Lord did in our daughter's life?"
She said, "No of course not. That was the Lord."
He said, "In the same way, we cannot take the choices our son has made and take the blame or take the credit for the wise choices of our daughter. We have parented them in the same way. Not perfectly, but the Lord has a plan for each of them. And we will trust him with them each."

Isn't that a good reminder that as we serve the Lord and look to Him for guidance in our parenting, it ultimately isn't about us as parents. We are sinners. He is bigger than us and has a plan for each of our children.


Alyssa said...

Andi...I love the Monkey Bread/Eggs comment. My niece asked my sister several months ago if they were eating monkeys...not that she was going to stop (because she loves some yumminess)!

Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann said...

Great post Andi. Oh how I would love to bring my little Laura Ann to learn with you as her teacher! I am excited for Benjamin and all that God has planned for him. Thank you for the quote. That is a great reminder. I so often need reminding of where my place is in this parenting thing.

Tonja said...

Wonderful post, Shanni! Those boys...I miss them so much. So glad they are happy and healthy.

The older I've become, the more I realize that some children MUST go through hard times before they are ready to hear the Lord. And, so He allows them to. And, when they are ready to hear Him...they will. It is hard to parent a child through these times of trial...but, the showing of love and acceptance, the showing of grace, is such a big part of them becoming who God intended.

I hope you have a wonderful summer. Have lots of fun! Let's get together!

J said...

LOVE that last little story...and monkey bread...oh my!!!

On the deoderant - I am anti-aluminum as well and have yet to find a deodorant that keeps me smelling fresh. So...I have mixed 1 part baking soda, 1 part corn starch with 1 part powder (I use Nantucket from Crabtree and Evelyn) and apply with a powder puff. I'm not claiming to smell like a rose, but it sure beats nothing. Re-applying part way into the day helps. (And during these summer months...I've been known to sneak a quick sink bath...)