Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Life is Richer

One of Tonja's precious sons giving her a rose on her last performance night.  Pretend it is a clear picture.  Although, blurry is how we all saw it there because we were crying. :)

Meet my friend, Tonja.  
If you know Tonja, you are smiling.  If you don't, you will smile by the end of this post because she has that affect on people.
She has just lost her cheerleader, her friend, her mama.  Her heart is heavy, sad, and weary.  Now, Tonja is one strong lady.  She can look adversity square in the eyes, smile at it while remembering that she is the Tonjanator(what Ben and I call her) and kindly ask it to move over.  Her sweet faith is strong and trusting in her Savior; that is why adversity doesn't scare the T-jator.  She knows where her strength comes from.  It doesn't mean there isn't hurt or pain, but there is assurance.  
She and I have a wonderful time working together!  In fact, when it was time for me to go back to work and the boys were having a hard time with it, Tonja explained that we are all part of a family and that each person in the family does what they can to help the other people in the family.  She just knows how to explain the things in life that aren't easy.  I saw on her blog, a friend said they accidently wound up being friends and her life was richer because of it.  
So, my dear Tonja, it is through tears that I say to you that my life is richer for knowing you.   The Lord is working for your good.  Your smile warms my heart and your shoes make me dance.  The Lord smiles over you and loves you!  Your life adds music to those you are around!  Thank you for making me sing and not look to see who is watching.  


Sherrie said...

Ditto and Amen!!!! I am sad for our precious friend....but she will arise and give God all the glory. This is what I love so much about her. Praying for our sweet friend to feel better!!!!

Tonja said...

You humble me, my dear. And, yes, this WILL pass, and I'll feel better, and will get back to the business of living life. I suppose the Lord just intended for me to rest and reflect during this time of recuperation. And, so I will. Thank you for lifting my spirits!


racheld said...

Amen from me, as well!!!

I'm the online friend you mentioned, and my life has indeed been enriched by Tonja and all her inspirational and sweet family writings.

I'd written a little book a couple of years ago, just for the family, and the title was "GATHERINGS."
So when I decided to do a blog, I signed up for that name. They actually let me have it, I wrote it on the title spot, and then, I saw hers.

I was captivated from the first moment, and have had manymany times of great wonderment and uplift and prayer, just because of this precious serendipity friend.

Tonja's a Phoenix---she's risen from so many flames, her feathers are bright gold from the singes.