Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Blame Game

Today, David was in the living room scolding me for playing the piano.  He can't stand it.  He gets his little finger and flings it around in the air while commanding a halt of the music.  I told him I liked to play the piano and that he needed to relax.   To this, he flung himself into the wall and proceeded to turn on the gas fireplace.  I quickly  stopped playing (gas over music any day) and now that I am typing this, I see his thought pattern.  Little turkey!  He knew I would quit playing if he turned on the fireplace!!!!!!   Unbelievable.  
Anyway, as Dona would say, I am spiderwebbing.  
I think I scared him as I yelled to never, NEVER, NEVER turn on the fireplace.  He tripped over my lovely candles I have on the hearth.  :(  
He ran and hid under the dining room chair.  His little head was popping out and he just watched as I picked up the glass.
I calmly picked it up.  I like to put out pretty things.  So, I put them out and if they break, so be it.  I am not one to put everything I like up out of reach.  Different strokes for different folks.  I teach the boys to respect our home, the contents, and when there is an accident, to take responsibility and help clean it up (not glass though).  Honestly, we have had very few things break.  It happens, but not too often.  There are no off limit rooms, however, we respect where we are and the behavior in the room needs to be appropriate.  
WOW!!!  I am getting way off the subject!!
So, David keeps repeating, "Lukey broke it."
I am not really paying much attention due to the annoying sliver of glass in my foot that is a cross between pain and an itch.  
After all was cleaned up, I found him in with the older two.  I asked him what he needed to say. All he could come up with was, "Lukey broke it."
When that one didn't work with me, he changed it to, "Jenamin broke it."
That didn't fly with me either.  So, he mumbled, "Sorry Mommy."  

It got me thinking.   How many times do I hear great truth and in the back of my mind think, "Boy do I wish so and so would hear this."   Or, read convicting passages in the Bible and instead of looking at myself and the sin that God is trying to show me, think of how much so and so needs to read this passage.  If I were focusing on the areas God is trying to deal with me, the application from the Truth, would fall on my shoulders and my eyes would not be so much on others, but on myself.  


Kellie said...

I have those thoughts ALL.THE.TIME when I am in a Bible Study or listening to a sermon and then I practically have to hit myself and say, "stupid, this is for YOU!" I too, put nice things out and teach the children to not touch or whatever - things do get broken from time to time, but like you, I'd rather enjoy them and teach my children through them, than to put them up! Great job on being calm! I've really got to work on that one!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Been there, done that...thinking so and so needs to hear this or that.

Kat said...

Good post. I sure wish I blogged when my children were small. I would love to look back at all the little things I posted about.