Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tickling The Ivory

So our church was giving away a piano that was in the youth building.  You might be wondering what condition a piano that a church is giving away might be in, that is a wonderful question.
The only stipulation was for the recipient to move it.  Sounded GREAT to me.  Just moving the little piano out and we get a FREE piano!  Why NOT???
My husband, precious man that he is, was not so excited about my suggestion.
I do LOVE to play the piano and I hope I can teach my boys a couple of things on the right hand about playing too.  I don't know the left too well, so I'm sticking with what I know.   I don't really read the music that great, but like to make up songs.  You know reading music is difficult when you really only can read what one hand plays.  So, I just make up the songs.   Not that I am that good at it,  I just enjoy it.  Long story is getting longer as opposed to shorter.  Bottom line:  he said yes.  

Remember Gaucho Jorge?  Ben recruited him to help us move the little piano, which didn't turn out to be little.  It weighed a lot.  Like about 600 pounds.  I am not kidding.
They are strong.  There were veins popping out of necks and grunts and man, a lot of sweat!
But, do you see that SMILE on Ben's face???????  What a guy!

I thought a little of this would shine her right up!  It did.  Very nicely.  
This made me smile.  Doesn't it look pretty!!!  We think so.  Now to get it tuned and to fix...

But I don't mind that, remember it is FREE!!!!!!!  I was just wondering if any of you folks out there could help me know what to clean the keys with in hopes to restore them to the lovely white of days gone by.  Locals, does anyone know of someone reasonable to tune it?


Dona said...

Oh, no- don't fix the keys! I love them the way they are- the history... the stories they could tell. They just look wonderful to me- what a blessing- well, maybe not for Ben. If he starts complaining about his back, we will all know why!

Kristen said...

We just got one from Steve's aunt that no one in her family wanted. It is in really good condition, too! I am so excited about AC (maybe) learning to play. You will not regret this!

Tonja said...

I love having my piano...even if I don't play it much. In my life before FP...and for the first 5 or 6 years...I taught piano 3 afternoons a week. I loved it. I started teaching when Adam was a baby.
Perhaps, I could give Benj a few lessons...we'll see. Maybe the keys only need a good cleaning. I would not do much else to them...but check what to clean them with first.

Tonja said...

This is what you do...

Step 1...Clean ivory piano keys regularly by gently wiping them with a soft clean cloth. Occasionally wipe them with a weak solution of vinegar and warm water. If you start this practice with a new piano and always wash your hands before playing it, this should be all you need to do to keep the keys from getting dirty.

Step 2'''Squeeze a small amount of a mild non-colored toothpaste onto a damp lint free cloth, and gently rub the piano keys if they have light stains or dirty fingerprints on them.

Step 3...After gently rubbing in the toothpaste, wipe the keys clean with a second lint free cloth that has been dipped in fresh milk. Use the milk to rinse the toothpaste off the keys without using any harmful chemicals that discolor the ivory.

Step 4...Give the piano keys a few minutes to air dry, and then buff them with a clean lint free cloth.

Step 5...Keep the piano closed to protect the keys from dust and dirt. However it's a good idea to open it occasionally on sunny days; the light will help the keys stay bleached and prevent yellowing.

I knew there was something to do with toothpaste, but I wasn't sure what. So, I looked it up for you.

Kat said...

Wow, lucky you to get it free and lucky you that your sweet husband and friend got it moved. It's gorgeous.

I loved reading your Fathers Day post...very sweet.

I've already used my $tarbuck$ gift card. Yum oh! Thanks again.

Love your new header photo!