Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We headed to the Farm:

We like to have school over the summer.  My boys love it.  They do.  I promise.  However, we like a LOT of fun in our summer too, so....
Our learning for the day went HANDS ON!!!!

A chic  flew the coop with her three boys!
We went to see some of these!
What fun it was to ride and play with our friends Jacob and Daniel!  They have really cool toys.
May I introduce farmer Jorge.  He is actually a gaucho.  He and Suzanne took us for a hay ride with popsicles!!!!  I mean who could beat that?

This is Jorge's wife, Suzanne.  She is a doll!  
Benjamin wanted to check out their amazing crops that put our vegetable garden, or should I say patch to shame!
They got to hold some of these.  Luke did not want to actually hold it (he knows what they do) but enjoyed petting it!

Then we went for a walk on their VERY OWN boardwalk.  Can you imagine?  It was truly amazing.

We saw a snapping turtle lay her eggs.

If you look closely, you can see the ALLIGATOR.  May I repeat, ALLIGATOR.  We were not far off the swampy water.  Like definitely in jaws reach.  Yep, in jaws reach.  But I had to get a picture.  That made Luke mad.  He was afraid that the Mama Gator would appear.  She didn't.
This just makes my heart melt.  Have you seen this little man sit so still and happy for a picture?  Like it just doesn't happen.

And my heart keeps right on melting,  

While my heart was melting, so was Luke's popsicle.  
Thank you Jorge, Suzanne, Daniel, and Jacob for a WONDERFUL memory and a fabulous time.  Here is proof we played hard:  Got Dirt?


Darby said...

Andi... Great pictures! I'm glad they finally uploaded! I love all the farm creatures... and I love the dirt too!!

Tonja said... you know, of course I want a copy of the 3 pictures of the boys with the lambs. That ws so cute...I know you had a good time. time you go there for a visit...I wanna go, too!

Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann said...


Anonymous said...


Those pictures are adorable, especially the one of David! That deserves a frame. You are a wonderful Mom. Treasure these memory making days. You'll be packing them up for college in the blink of an eye!

Love, Mary Lise

Dona said...

What fun! Idon't know how you did it- we can't stay in our back yard for more than 5 minutes- they all look like red-faced, sweat filled children!

J said...

Great pics! Ok...Jorge and Suzanne are amazing! Could you believe all they've done???

And the pic of the boys...all of them...on the jeep. Is that what life with boys is like? :) It makes my heart much to look forward to with the little man!

PS Wanna review/do school work with MW? Not really my forte...and teacher did send a packet home for her to work through over the summer...

Sherrie said...

How much fun!!!!!! Loved the precious!!!! I wanna go next time too!!!!!

Kat said...

What a wonderful experience for the boys...and you! Darling photos!

I've been a bad blog friend lately, but I'm sure having fun this afternoon catching up with everyone.


( $tarbuck$ card arrived! Thank you so much.)

Kristen said...

These pictures are PRECIOUS!!!