Monday, June 15, 2009

Can You Be Serious?!!?!

I am so disappointed.
I scheduled a massage that I had a gift certificate for on Tuesday.
I was going to lunch and then planned to get a nice, relaxing massage.
How much fun!

No, the gift certificate is expired.
I don't have many days that I can schedule something like a massage.
I am disappointed and well, angry.
My brother gave me the gift certificate and now I CAN'T USE IT!!!

The recording that came on while I was on hold (checking to see if they would honor the gift certificate) was calm and said that they hoped I was having a good day.  BUT if I wasn't, to meditate on why I wasn't having a good day.  Really, that is what it said.  Not good timing in my opinion.

I know it has something to do with the way that you pay people, but I am BUSY.  REALLY BUSY.  I simply didn't realize it expired as I kept it in a safe place waiting for the right day to use it.  In my opinion, she got paid for something she DID NOT DO!!!  Now I am in real need of a massage.  UGHHHH!  Bummer.

Sorry, I know one should not rant on the blog, but I HAD to share this disappointment with you.  Tell me you feel my pain...


The Scotts said...

Oh no.... that is a bummer!!!! There's nothing like anticipating that ambiance and relaxing atmosphere to soothe away a years worth of stress and hard work and end up more knotted up than when you walked in the door! Sorry girl!

Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann said...

So sorry Andi. You make me want to call and "negotiate" with them. Maybe you could offer to pay the difference between the price at purchase and today's price. Ask Ben to massage those shoulders for you. Much love...Misty
Funny The word verification is anuffsi

J said...

ugh. sorry 'bout that. stinks, BIG TIME!!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Bless your heart! I do feel your pain! I have done the same thing with a pedicure- which is close to a massage in my book- and almost cried. And probably would have had I not had so many other things to do!
Love the message on the recording. Priceless.