Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

We enjoyed Wacky Wednesday today in Kindergarten.  
Benjamin really lived on the edge and wore his pajama pants and superman tee shirt to school.  He loved it!
I dressed wacky too for my class.  We laughed so hard and had a fun day!  I was having some special time with Luke today.  He made me change my hair, shirt, and take off my wacky tights! We went to the Library and had a fabulous time of me NOT saying to hurry!  Then, we picked up Benjamin and a friend.  Then enjoyed time  this afternoon at the park and a Sonic slush!
Happy Hour!!!  It's from 2-4 everyday.  You get your drinks for 1/2 price.

Well,  yesterday I received a phone call.
It was 9 minutes long.  
It was from a survey agency.  He asked a lot of questions about GUM of all things.  Like 9 minutes worth of questions about my gum chewing habits!  I felt that after 9 minutes, I had provided more than an adequate amount of information about my gum chewing.  I cut him off after I was simply tired of trying to answer questions about gum.  

Today, I got a call about my T.V. habits.  I answered this one simply.  I watch Fox News OCCASIONALLY and my kids sometimes watch PBS.  The caller wanted me to keep a TV journal and send it in to her.  I snickered to myself, because the only journal I keep is one with my daily prayers.  It is a priority and I regret to say, I haven't written in it since last week.  I have prayed, just not written down.  You get my drift.  I don't have time for a TV journal. Thank you anyway.  

Yeah, I am feeling a bit invaded by these people trying to do their job, but really it is a bit much.  A survey on gum that lasts well over 9 minutes on the phone is too much.  Would you agree?  


Kristen said...

You are a target for surveys this week! I would have loved to see your wacky attire! And I LOVE Sonic Happy Hour...Diet Cherry Limeade is my absolute favorite!

J said...

mmmm...that slush looks too good!!! Love it that Luke made you change...sounds like he'll be particular in his tastes! :)

Also, I think I emailed you or left you a comment or something about putting text on photos...I did it in photoshop. But - Darby has done it before and I don't think she has photoshop...there must be another way!

Darby said...

9 mins... yes, that's plenty long to talk about gum! glad you and the boys enjoyed this weather!

Leah said...

Sounds like a glorious day, except for the survey! Maybe, they won't call tomorrow!!

Sherrie said...

9 minutes about GUM!!!! ARe you kidding me!!! I would have been done with the conversation at the end of the first minute!!! LOL!!!! You are way too patient!!!! Where are your wacky pictures!!!???? It is 12 am and now I am thirsty!!! LOL

Tonja said...

You stayed with it about 8 and 1/2 minutes longer than I would have!

Kellie said...

Can't believe you lasted 9 minutes - I'm not so patient with those people - I hardly have time to CHEW gum for 9 minutes, more less talk about it to some stranger!!!