Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Splinter

There are two types of people.  Those that allow splinter removal.  And those that resist with great force.
I am grateful I do have one child that allows splinter removal.  Tonight, he was not the patient.
Luke was the one with the splinter and he unashamedly falls into the resists splinter removal category.
Luke showed me his splinter and said he needed it to come out.  I agreed and pushed gently with my fingernails.  He did not agree that it was gentle and at this point (about 8:15 pm) he began to scream.  We had multiple intermissions during the hour.  He did not finish crying until almost 9:30.  It finally came out.  I was sitting on him and pinning his arms down with my legs.  Too bad Benjamin didn't get a picture!  I am quit certain it was a sight to behold!
Now for most splinters, we let them ease their merry way out of the foot or hand in a warm bath.  This one needed to come on out.  It was red and puffy.  :(  
Just for a good laugh, picture me restraining my child in order to retrieve a sliver out of his foot.  I am worn out physically!  So is he.  Sound asleep, so peaceful and calm.  


Robin said...

Oh those days are gone for me..I miss them ! I did do facebook and am totally taken with it. I have connected with some really old friends from high school. It is so fun..Another addiction..It's not butter and cornbread though..Sorry about your Popeye.Losing someone is so sad but God's timing is always perfect. Loved the wedding pics of ya'll from Sarah Beth;s blog.

Kellie said...

Glad it came out! No fun!

Kristen said...

I can picture it and I am laughing! AC is definitely a "splinter resister!" DRAMA!!!

windycorner said...

What a picture! Poor little guy, I can't help but laugh at the picture of you struggling with a screaming little boy trying to get the splinter out.