Thursday, March 26, 2009


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As I see my life, I am at noon.  No longer am I in the newness of the morn.  The morning such a bright, beautiful time; sunlight glowing magical it seems.  Now, I face noon day.  They mysteries of the morning are gone.  There are shadows that lurk-but alas, I have all afternoon.  The golden tones of the morning are replaced by the harsher tones of noon.  Ones life stands to be examined in the light of midday-the sun is at it's peak.  The noon time light is clear.  In the morning even the dust looks lovely, but at noon you see life, clear and focused.  The dust is dust; not to appear as the flecks of gold floating through the air as it did in the morning.  Twilight is not yet in sight, but the certainty of it is a fact.  For such has been the way of a day since creation.

I am at midday.  It is a beautiful time.  May I embrace this time.  Oh to see life for what it is and what it can be.  To live with nothing to hide, nothing to gain, and nothing to prove.  May I dance at noon, see clearly as I embrace the day, and most of all do all for the glory of Christ.


Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann said...

I can see you writing a Women's Bible Study! Let me know when you get that done, so that I can request you as a speaker. I know that life is so full, but just know that it is evident that God has special things in store for you, whatever they may be!
I'm glad that you are enjoying the special "right now" things.
Love, Misty

Tonja said...

Beautiful words, my dear.

Exactly what time of day would that make me? Hope it's not 11:30 pm!

emily said...

Thanks for sharing!
I sent you a text yesterday thanking you for your prayers and praising the Lord.

Leah said...

Wonderful sentiment! Thank you for sharing!!