Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you Brad.
You have always been a thinker.
You would often challenge me to think beyond what I was comfortable with.

You are successful.  You are a practicing lawyer and you're really smart.  You don't parade your intelligence around-trust me, I know how smart you are.  You are smart because of how hard you work.

I was thankful we took French together in High School.  You had to help me, a lot!  
You are extremely disciplined. 
I remember you as a kid.  You were focused, funny, witty, and noncontroversial.  
We have so many good childhood memories.  Remember eating Bing cherries on the porch swing with mom reading us a bedtime story?  Or being sent to our rooms for punishment and creating games with socks that made even the punishment fun?  How about playing at the pool with the Summers and the Carolus' on those summer nights?  The family vacations?  Let's see, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Disney World, California, the beach, Minnesota, The Lake (both in Missouri and Eufala), Blue Water Bay (singing Van Songs), Colorado, and Idaho!  What fun we had!  I think one of the funniest times was when you were imitating the summer Olympics when we were in the parking lot in Puerto Rico.  You started vaulting over cement barricades in the parking lot and had us all in stitches!  What about our mission trip we took together to Jamaica?!

I remember walking down to the neighborhood baseball field and watching your baseball games.  Now you are training for a 1/2 marathon.  When you get your mind made up about something you are mighty determined!  
I love that you have traveled all over the place and have seen some amazing things.  
But mostly, I love you!

You are entering noon.  Welcome to your 30s!
I am thankful that you trust in Christ alone!  I am so proud of you and the man that you are.  I know that God will use you and has a plan in store for you.  Your generosity has impacted so many around the world.  May God continue to bless others through you.  


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Love the header....compliments the background layout nicely.

justabeachkat said...

Happy Birthday to Brad. What a sweet post!


( your new look)

emily said...

Happy Birthday Brad! Hope you have a wonderful day!
I don't know if the van songs are a good memory or bad...

Sara Beth said...

What a hottie! Is he single? :)

Going to need to hear more about that summer olympics imitation!

Kellie said...

happy Birthday Brad, I can only hope that my children have as great a relationshp as you two had!!!!