Monday, February 2, 2009


For you moms out there that want to know what books to get for your child, check out Honey For A Child's Heart.  It gives a brief description of the books, which is helpful.
I just ordered it at  It is a great resource recommend to me by a good friend, Sharri. Great for teachers and parents alike.  


Darby said...

Oh Andi... Fantastic! THanks for the rec! Do you think they have it at Barnes & Noble? Hmm.. I may have to check there!

Dona said...

Hey Andi-
To answer your question, C was a twin. When I was pregnant I was exposed to fifth disease. His twin,a boy, did not make it. He stopped developing. It was very hard knowing how close my other twins were. It was also very hard to see C developing on my ulta sounds and his brother not. We know that C should not be here, except that God has a reason for him to be here. When he was born we added his twins name as C's middle name- so he would always be a part of him. Thank you for asking about it- he is a miracle! LF has her own miracle story also, you may already know it- if not, i'll share it with you one day. We love you!