Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday

Dear Luke,

You are full of life.  You live passionately and with great zeal.  You love others deeply!  Do you see the picture of you running on the beach?  You were trying to catch a seagull.  You can see the tip of his wing along the wave.  That is just like you, Baby.  You run  hard through life.  
We are so proud of your determination. We know that the Lord has a 
wonderful plan and
purpose for your life. We are thankful for your early faith and trust in Jesus. May you be a
of God. We pray that you would use your strength, determination, and faith to reach the
world for Jesus.  
I will never forget the night that you said your heart was in China having a tea party. You 
were just 4 years old then, but perhaps it might be one day.  Oh how we laughed, but you 
continue to want to know so much about China, and pray for the people there that I just have to wonder if 
one day my baby might be reaching the Chinese with Jesus.
Wherever you are and whatever you become your Daddy and I will
"love you forever and like you
for always. Forever my baby you will always be."

Happy 5th Birthday!!!!!


Tonja said...

Happy birthday Luke! I think you are...

U...un inhibited

Those are all wonderful things for a boy to be. I am happy to be your friend!


Sherrie said...

Happy Birthday Luke....what a sweet precious boy. Keep praying for the sweet babies and people in China!!!!!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

What a precious boy and sweet tribute to him. I love his comment about being in China having a tea party. That is precious.

We share a birthday...however, I'm exactly 30 years older than him.

Ang baylis said...

This was SO sweet! Happy Belated Birthday. I can tell you love him more than words can say! I hope you can print this out for him to look back and enjoy in the years to come. What a gift!
Hope you are well!
Angie xoxo

Kellie said...

Glad to know that about D - I've always thought that Wilson was inhuman or something for liking it so much - it started when he was about 18 months old - did it at VBS one day - got EVERYWHERE- I was so embarrassed! He would wake up from a nap in his baby bed and be covered in it. Now that we're potty training, hopefully he will outgrow it FAST - lots of spankings seem to be helping!