Thursday, November 13, 2008

I know, I know...

I posted an absolutely mind-blowing post and ONLY got four comments about some knock out truths; I can say it was mind-blowing because I didn't write it.  The head master at Briarwood School, Barrett Mosbacker, did. 
I bombarded you with a much too lengthy post.  So, for your ease, I have chosen a portion which I hope you will read, savor, and begin racking your brains for some salt shakers to hop into the political mix.

"As a practical point, the development of distinctly Christian think tanks, which combine the skills of theologians from various orthodox persuasions, the expertise of Christian scholars from many different disciplines, and the practical insight of the policy analyst and those experienced in the "realities" of the political process would be of inestimable value in assisting the Christian community in its role as salt and light.

Rather than bemoaning what is wrong, we are responsible to teach our students how to think biblically and how to apply biblically informed thinking to specific policy issues.  This should be an exciting and very positive endeavor with the goal of working to see "see God's will done on earth as it is in heaven."
Barrett Mosbacker


windycorner said...

Hi Andi,
That was a wonderful post and as I read it I just kept saying, "Amen!". The homeschooling movement continues to grow for all the reasons in your post. People want their children to be brought up on biblical principles and the public schools can be depended on to teach the opposite.
You asked about linking the gift banner to my site. The easiest way would probably be to just save the banner to your pictures then use it in your post. There's a line right under the title where you can put a link so just use that to copy and paste the web address of my gift post. Or you can add the picture to your side border using the layout tab and link the picture to my post that way. Thanks for sharing some great gift ideas.

Tonja said...

I read the first article all the way through...don't ever make me do that again! :)
Great words of wisdom we would all do well to heed!