Saturday, November 15, 2008

O Happy Day!

Today, started with the boys heading to mom and dad's.  Ben and I went and got Carmel Machiatos.  You know how happy that makes me.  
We enjoyed Christmas shopping.  I found some wonderful black heals at Belk's!  We had a great time together.

I married a hunter.  The original hunt was scheduled for this morning.  It turned out to be too warm, so he and his partner postponed until this afternoon.  It has turned deliciously cold and so, hunter was out in the woods (with all of his safety equipment!) this afternoon.

I decided to make the most of the time by using a little elbow grease!  I scrubbed my bathroom on hands and knees.  That makes me really happy.  I got to the baseboards in the family room and kitchen too.  Now, I just have to finish 2 of the bathrooms upstairs and vacuum.  Oops, I forgot about the wood floors downstairs-they have to be done too.  

Ben is getting the boys Happy Meals and a sitter.  We have a date tonight.  Can't wait.  I have a new outfit to wear.

We enjoyed having some friends over Tuesday night.  My sweet friend, Abby at The Maddox Family, discussed some frustration about the box that we find ourselves in when we have multiple children and we like to entertain.  I LOVE to have friends over.  I relish planning the meal, cleaning the house, choosing the right napkins, all that goes into the evening.  FESTIVE is a key word.  Well, let's not be naive.  I have 3 munchkin-mess-makers.  I usually end up getting frustrated with them in the course of the planning at some or any given point.  What I have decided is when I am entertaining a family, I don't clean house before they come.  Children want to have fun and are just messy.  Parents feel better knowing I haven't cleaned that day and don't expect it to be clean when they leave.  I have to say, we don't have families over a whole lot because it is hard.  Enjoyable, but hard.  We had a great time Tuesday night...we are thankful for friends that we don't clean up for and enjoy our company no matter what.   O yeah-the green bean bundles were nicknamed by me as green bean jerky.  I have never laughed so hard in my life about something I made.  

Well, I hope you are having a restful weekend.  I can't wait to read what you folks have been up to.  


Darby said...

Sounds like a delightful weekend! Can't wait to hear about your date!!! I'm glad you got some new heels and I'm also glad your baseboards are clean! What a treat both of those things are!!

Tonja said...

I can think of about a million things to do that would make me happier than cleaning on my hands and knees...but to each his own.

The shopping and date part sounds fun though!

Kristen said...

Oh how I wish cleaning made me happy!:) I have a hunter this year too for the first time. We make trade-offs. He hunted Friday morning and this afternoon but kept the girls one afternoon so I could do some shopping. Hope your date was fun!