Monday, November 24, 2008


Guess what?
Today we are playing with some special friends.
They are the children of some gals that are like my little sisters.
I love them.
I love their kiddos.
Can't wait for a fun play date.

Guess what else?
My house is MESSY.
No problemo.
Just a little sweeping here and there.
The rest will just have to stay messy.

I am decorated for Fall!
I am not decorated for Christmas.
I LOVE Christmas, but refuse to shaft Thanksgiving.
So, I will post pictures tonight of my Fall decor.
I am so sure you really want to see my decorating.
You will simply say,"Bless her heart, she tried."
But, I took pictures to show you my feeble effort and so I must proceed.  

David is in a toddler bed.  Sorry.  I don't like them.
We couldn't figure out the twin bed conversion.  So for now.  It is the toddler.
His armoire is in the hall so he wouldn't repel from it.
I don't like misplaced items.  The hall is NOT where this piece of furniture needs to be, but alas, it is what it is.

A BIG thanks to my anonymous friend that warned me about the climbing out of the crib.
I am honored that you read and so thankful for your warning.
Blog "stalkers" are always welcomed here.  

Side note:  Obama smokes. 
I will address this later.  Thought I would wet your appetite.
He has claimed that he quit.  We'll discuss further.


justabeachkat said...

I thought I would begin my Christmas decoration today to get a jump start on it...what a mess! Now I have Christmas and Fall things up together. Not happy! Calgon take me away!

Obama's smoking is just another reason he's not for me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tonja said...

Smoking...not a good thing! What other bad habits does he have that we will find out about? Scary, huh? I so do not trust him! And that really is scary!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I can totally understand about not giving Tgiving the shaft with Cmas decor. I would love to see your fall decor. Don't short change yourself, missy! :-)