Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brace Yourself

Okay.  I checked this rumor I heard out on fact or fiction.  I couldn't find any information.
I went to the ABC website.  I found the "rumor."
Barrack Obama smokes.
His wife apparently asked him to quit.   He did.
He said he "fell off the train a few months ago a couple of times."
What message does this send to our children?
I posted a comment on ABC's blog under tons that were saying, "if it feels good, do it."
I said that I did care.  
I said in my comment that we expect athletes not to smoke.  Why would we expect anything less of our President.  He has two little ones watching him.  Not to mention the thousands more that will have their eyes set on our next leader.  I did say that we all make mistakes and that I hope for him success on quitting his habit.
1.  I am disturbed that he can't quit as he promised his wife.
2.  I am sure they don't allow smoking in the White House.
3.  He is our next leader and needs to take every precaution to remain healthy.
4.  He is a role model.  
I am trying to respect him as a leader, but I am frustrated by this and more saddened than anything.  I was grieved by the comments stabbing my world view.  I differ very much from the mind set of "if it feels good, do it."  I guess it was rewarding to put my name to a comment that varied drastically from many of the previous ones made.  I would encourage you to read, comment wisely and lets pull together to show that Christians DO have a voice and that we are not just legalistic no-brainers.  I am not referring simply to a habit like smoking.  I fear there will be much larger issues at hand.  Like I quoted in a previous post, we need some "think tanks."  I know many of you.   Let's start getting a voice out there.  Shall we?  


Tonja said...
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Tonja said...

The previous deleted comment was from me...It wasn't anything bad...I just typed the nonsense word after my comment instead of in the box...I do not like typing words that I can not speak.

Anyway..I'm with you on the smoking thing. Wonder what other bad habits we will find out about.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

You are right on with everything you said about this. I agree.

Where was it that you commented and were shafted for it? Where is it that you are suggesting we also comment thoughtfully?

Just hit reply to this through your email and it will come straight to my email. It's set up to do that.

Kellie Patton said...

I agree with you too, but likewise couldn't find it on ABC news website. Let me know - have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Jesus show compassion for our new president and his weakness? You are a role model as a parent. Don't you have faults? We are not to judge. Your children should not think that you would judge by making such a generalized statement about the president of the US. Respect for our new leader, compassion for him being human with faults and weaknesses. Better that he is honest about smoking and struggling to deal with it than a president who makes decisions that are not well thought out, or one who is unfaithful? Just remember that true maturity is letting others be. Paddle your own canoe and try not to be overly concerned with judging others.

andi said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your position of respect for our upcoming President, Senator Obama. I definitely agree with your stance of respect with our President and would like for you to read some previous posts I did in regards to that exact position.
Perfect, I am not. Forgiven, I am.
I am hopeful as I stated in my comment on ABC's blog that he will be able to quit. I hope for his wife's sake, as he promised her, he will.
Thank you for your comment.

Tonja said...

As I have said on my own blog...if someone comments as 'anonymous' they obviously do not really have very much fait in their convictions. If you have to hide behind anonymity...you must be ashamed of what you are sayong. Therefore...keep it to yourself.

How dare you sit in judgement of this sweet girl? She was very thorough in her checking of facts. Actually you were wrong, true maturity is saying what you truly feel, and not being afraid to show your face or name. You should probably just look after your own canoe...hers is just fine.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I don't believe you were being judgemental, Andi. Anonymous is right we are not to judge. However, you were not. You were holding those in authority accountable. Just as we know that preachers, pastors, leaders, and deacons will be held at a higher level BY God Himself, we hold them in a higher position also. That does not make our sins better than theirs. It's in God's Word, we aren't to argue with it. He tells us they will be held at a higher level. I believe this would go for the future president, if he does indeed have a faith and relationship with Jesus. If it doesn't then I guess the higher accountability won't matter in his eternity anyway. That is, only one thing will determine eternity.

Well, I didn't mean to be long winded. I know you well enough to know you would never be hurtful, judgemental, or disrespectful to anyone.

Don't lose any sleep over this, sweet one.