Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Things They Say!

This weekend, my in-laws took the two older boys to Krispy Kreme.  This is a Saturday morning tradition in our family.  Benjamin wore boxers, a tee shirt, and shoes.  He went in the establishment dressed this way; Luke said it was "inappropriate."  I have to agree.  :)
Tonight, Benjamin saw the "Evening Star."  I had pointed it out to the three boys as we were driving.  Benjamin exclaimed, "Look, it's the Twinkle, Twinkle Star."  I am thankful that at least once in his little life of rather verbose expressions, he said something childish.  I refrained from explaining anything further about that Twinkle Star and enjoyed the moment of innocence.  


Leah said...

They grow up too fast! I love to hear those childish comments, they'll be gone, oh too soon!!

Kristen said...

Enjoy the innocence! I have written down a list of words that AC mispronounces (even though SHE thinks she is saying them correctly) because it is just too cute and I don't want to forget! I need to post them! That is hysterical that he wore boxers to breakfast!!!

windycorner said...

So sweet! Those are the kind of moments you'll treasure when you're where I am now and they are taller than you with a very deep voice. The good news is they never outgrow hugs from Mom.