Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Evening Star

The Evening Star and the Moon
The other day, Benjamin said the Evening Star was the Twinkle, Twinkle Star.  Today, I thought  I would teach a little Blog Style.  The Evening Star is actually a planet.  Usually, it is when we can see Venus.  How cool is that?  I don't know about you, but the stock market, housing market, presidential race, oil prices-which are our gas prices, all  have me a bit uneasy.   Let's just be honest, what is going on with our economy?   I can't imagine what it will be like if we elect a socialist as a President-yes, that is what I believe he is.  Lord, be merciful.  
Well, I digress.  The Evening Star is very calming to me.  The Lord suspends all of the starry host, won't he keep me?  Yes, indeed.  He already knows the outcome of our market, one of the worst we have seen, but He still holds steady the Evening Star.  Earth seems a little more stable when I look up into the night.  Look up tonight, you might just get a glimpse of His fingerprints....


Kellie Patton said...

Very refreshing amidst alot of stress (financially speaking)! Thanks!

Darby said...

Andi, You write so beautifully! You must be a teacher! :) Thanks for the encouragement and reminding me that we have an AMAZING creator!! I love you and enjoyed being with you last night!

Tonja said...

What comforting words, my dear. And so true. "He's got the whole world in His hands..." why should we be distressed?

Ang baylis said...

Of course He can keep me! Thank you for that reminder. Have I told you lately that I just love your blog? I still remember when you were so new at it. I couldn't help but notice you have a lot of readers. You are Blessing woman all over the place and I'm glad to be one of them.
Have a great weekend!
Angie xoxo

p.s. I love that... "Twinkle, Twinkle Star"!

Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann said...

Hey Andi! I was just looking at your profile(not really sure how I get where I do on the internet sometimes).I sang the lullaby version of Hold On To Jesus the day that Laura Ann was baptized. I changed a few words...You're a little gift from heaven You're a precious little life...., anyway I wish that all of her covenant family could have been there.
It is kind of neat, I got to sing with a full orchestra. I didn't have to use a track and the accompaniment sounded just like the CD!
This post is great. I am so glad that you are meditating on God's faithfulness.