Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fairy Tales...

The Lion's Castle built in early 1800s in Park Wilhelmshöhe castle in Scottish Highlands

Egeskov Castle in Funen Denmark 14th Century
photo: einar ragnarsson's photostream

I laughed as I pictured myself riding horseback in and out through the European countryside with my gown flowing behind me. My hair being tousled and the cool air on my face. This is funny to me in more than one way. One, I would be terrified to fly that far over the ocean without my boys. For the record: I am not afraid of flying, just flying without them. Two: I AM TERRIFIED of horses. That is another post. I have digressed.
Well, I have found some photos of some places that look dreamy! I would love to visit them with my knight in shining armor, Ben. Perhaps one day when my little princes are grown.
I would pick the Lion's Castle; situated with rolling green hills amongst the beautiful trees. Yes, this would be my castle home. So, my fair lady, which would you choose?


Tonja said...

I think the one in the Scottish Highlands. I could see any hostile armies headed my way. You could get ambushed in your castle.

Kristen said...

ooooo...I can't decide! I think I'll just spend a different season in each one!

Robin said...

Oh, I am just so happy to be in Dothan, AL. today , I can't think about another place. My youngest princess is on her way home and I can hardly wait to see her !

Leah said...

I think Scottish Highlands! They all look gorgeous though!! Hope your week goes well!!