Monday, August 4, 2008

Am I a Threat?

A friend of ours posed a fabulous thought. He challenged us: Am I a threat to Satan? Am I fighting for the Lord in such a way to cause the enemy distress? We sung the song A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. You may click play on the right sidebar to listen. The hymn was written by Martin Luther. He wrote music when the Protestant Reformation began in order to restore worship in Germany. He would frequently use popular secular melodies for his hymns. :) He was often criticised that the music was too closely associated with bars. Now, this is one of the most powerful hymns of our day!

This hymn is based on Psalm 46.
Luther was said to have been greatly troubled and physically disturbed after having the devil torment him! Don't you know? Can you imagine? He was the instrument that the Lord was using to reform religion as it was known at that time?! He would often sing this song in times of trouble and despair.
Here is the 3rd verse.

"And though this world with devils filled, Should threaten to undo us. We will not fear, for God hath willed, His truth to triumph through us. The prince of darkness grim, We tremble not for him-His rage we can endure, For lo, his doom is sure: One little word shall fell him."

May I ask, are you a threat to Satan? I fear, I am not. Not that I want my life to be turned upside down, I don't. I love our family, our home, our life. I regret to say, however, I am comfortable. That my friend, is a dangerous place to be as a Christian.

the photo is of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. The 95 Theses were nailed here in 1517 by Luther.
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God is inscribed around the turret.
Photo by: alabamanglican


Tonja said...

Hey Shanni

I think this is THE most majestic song! I love to sing it and I love the words! They speak such truth! I can imagine myself in one of the great cathedrals of Europe when we sing this in church!
Great post!

Get a clothesline! Forget the golfers!!

Tonja said...

By the you have my room put back together yet?


livingtotellaboutit said...

This post reminds me of a "pieces of flair" button I put on my facebook page. It reads: "Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says 'Aw crap. She's up.'"
I long to be that woman who makes him miserable...

Kristen said...

This is very convicting! You are so right. Comfortable is a scary place to be. Thanks for giving me something to think about!

Reba said...

That is definitely a powerful of Drew's & my favorites. :) I wouldn't necessarily say that you are in a "dangerous" place, as long as you are doing your best to love whom God puts in your life, & doing His will where you are now. We never know when we will face trials or "uncomfortable-ness," so if things are pleasant right now, just enjoy the abundant blessings of the Lord, be fruitful in your generosity to others, and be open to His work in your life. Obviously I am talking to MYSELF and not just giving you advice or a lecture!!!! :) I just want to encourage you that God can use your joyful heart if that's where you are right now. You will do wonderful things in your classroom this year!!! You are more of a "threat" than you may think. :) Hope I didn't sound like I was preaching.

Leah said...

You are not going to believe this, but I've been meaning to post "Am I a Threat to Satan!" Weird, huh?! While visiting my parents in June, the speaker for the Wednesday night series at the congregation my Dad works with and they attend ended his lesson with that thought and it's stuck with me!

I always love your song posts! Singing is my Favorite part of Worshipping God!!