Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No ability to write today...Here we go anyway!

Benjamin and Luke enjoy their creative side!  Where is mine?????????
We're looking forward to having Ben's brother for dinner and the boys are THRILLED that Uncle Burt is spending the night.  They have a whole slumber party planned.  
Yesterday, was our 7th anniversary.   I love my husband and he is an incredible gift to me.  I am thankful that he loves me in my imperfection and challenges me to allow Christ to work in me all the more.  Thank you Lord for giving me one so gentle to lead me and with a GREAT sense of humor to help me not take life too seriously and full of God-given wisdom on raising BOYS!!!!!  He really is awesome. 
School is coming along.  I have finished my bulletin boards and the outside stuff.  I am going to work on plans now for the first week.  :)  I love to plan!  
A friend from school is in the process of adopting her little girl from China.  The little princesses name is Sophie.  They are in the final stages of the process.  PLEASE pray for their travel and for sweet Sophie's transition into her family that has been hand-picked for this special little one.  It makes me teary just to write about it.  Can you imagine such a gift?  
I haven't been able to get a complete post out since yesterday.   I am not real creative or intellectual today(you might be thinking, "today, try never!"), sorry probably a boring read, but it is what it is.  Blog rules:  It's my blog so I can do it the way I want to.  :)
We're having Creme Brulee tonight for dessert.  I can't wait!  Y'all it is SOOO easy and is delicious!  I'll post a recipe for you all tomorrow and you can try it out and let me know what you think.
The boys were in a photo shoot for a local magazine last night.  They are doing an article for Back To School. They were so well behaved and cooperative that we took them to Brusters and Toys R Us to pick from their "special" candy.  A big hit with my gang!  Oh, by the way, the candy and the milkshakes were their dinner.  :0)  
If you're wondering what the point of this post is, well there isn't one.  Can't blame me, I told you no ability to write in the title.  :)  LOL 
Thanks for letting me ramble.  Writing on my blog is about my only hobby that I can find time for right now.  Cleaning doesn't count.  :)  It was most discouraging to keep trying to write with nothing making sense.  So, now with a sense of accomplishment I will hit "publish post." (Accomplishment in the sense of a task completed!!!!!  :))


Kristen said...

Look at you with your preschool workbook out on the table. I'm so impressed! I need to get ours out! Happy 7th Anniversary! That's wonderful. Can't wait to see the recipe....I have never even attempted to make that! Also, can't wait to see the magazine article. How exciting! Anna Clare will love seeing the boys in a magazine!

Lindsey said...

Happy Anniversary yesterday!
My best friend loves creme brulee as well. She actually registered for the torch when she got married. She's a nut.

Angela said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You got married the same year we did!!! I will pray for Sophie's safe arrival. So sweet... I am very happy for your friend.

You are such a good blogger! :)
Angie xoxo

p.s. Can you send me some creme brule? My husband will thank you!

Tonja said...

Hey Ms Rambler!

This doesn't REALLY have anything to do with your post, which was fine,BTW. But, wanted to share one of my fav quotes...


Just thought I'd throw that into the mix...

Darby said...

You can say whatever you want and I'll read it anyway!! Love the picture of the boys being crafty! I can't wait to see your classroom... I know it will be so FUN!!!! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary and that the boys enjoyed their "slumber" party! And actually got some slumber!

Brady's Blog said...

Hey Andi! I found you page through a friend of a friend! The boys are precious and I miss you so much!!!
Laura McCormick

andi said...

MAC!!!!!!! I miss you too. I went to your blog, but there isn't a way to leave you a comment. Please email me your email address! I would love to see you when we're in town! Brady is precious. :) bamcclurkin@msn.com