Thursday, June 19, 2008


Ben and I have a date tonight.   I love having dates with my husband.  I still take my time getting ready.  I do my nails, exfoliate, and attempt to fix my hair
(doesn't always work out that way).  
Those of you that know me know my clip is my best friend.  I am a firm believer that about 3 minutes is as long as it should take to do your hair.  I guess I am lazy in that regard.  My children could lose a matchbox car in my "up-do" and wouldn't be able to find it.  I have thick hair and it used to be long---really long.  In February, I donated it to Pantene for a wig for cancer patients.  So, now I have a nub that sticks out of the ponytail holder.  I have just been able to get it in a clip and life is glorious.  In the Spring, I actually dried and straightened it before I went to work.  Are you impressed, I hope not.  :)  Now, I am back to the clip.
Well, I am off to go dry my locks and paint my nails.  I know this is a bit shallow after my last couple of posts, but I adore Ben and seriously love spending time with him!  Soon, I will tell you our story!  It is so fun....okay, I am a little biased. 


Darby said...

Can't wait to hear about your date! Where did y'all go, what did you have!? I want the details! I'm a clip girl too... and if there's no clip then I'm game for a ponytail holder!

Kristen said...

How did you score a date on Thursday night? I am jealous! I love date night too but sometimes feel like they are few and far between!!!

justabeachkat said...

What fun! After 30 years of marriage, I still love dates with my hubby. He's not just my husband and lover, but my very "bestest" friend. I'm a lucky girl and it sounds like you are too.


Reba said...

cute!! you and ben look so different, though, than i remember! :) ha. seriously, hope you had FUN!! i'm sure you enjoyed that time. thanks for the help with the skin issues...we'll talk more later!

Tonja said...

Hey girlfriend! Spill the beans! Tell us all about the date! We want to hear it all!

Good for you and Ben!



Lindsey said...

Hope ya'll had a fun date night. I'm with you on the clip. Sometimes I don't know why I have long hair since all I do is pull it up in a clip!

Heather said...

I hope you had a fun date night! We need one of those soon!