Saturday, June 21, 2008

~It's Saturday~

Whew!  Our Saturday started off with swimming lessons at 9:00.  Then, I took David to see our pediatrician AGAIN at 10:30 because I was convinced he had a growth on the top of his head.  She saw him Tuesday and said he was fine.  BUT I was stressing about this ridge and bump I kept feeling.  He has been pointing to his head and saying ouch.  So, there was some validity in my concern.  She reassured me it was where his head has grown together and something about sutures.   The Dr. knows best, so I am at rest.  At least until next week.  I am an inappropriate patient. I stress way beyond the realm of normal and usually just assume it's cancer.  Thank goodness our pediatrician is one of my very dearest friends or they might recommend I use another practice.  I used to have the reputation of keeping the phone nurse's job when I had our first son.  No joke.  Do you trust the whole thing about motherly intuition? My Dr. in Birmingham kept asking me with our first son, what was my instinct when I didn't know if he was getting enough to eat.  I hated to say that I had no idea what my instincts were telling me because I had none to go on except I was sure he was starving to death and might wilt away at any given point.  Let me point out he was gaining plenty of weight and was very healthy.  SO, my sweet pediatrician just knows me.  Thankfully, I can say I rely more on my motherly instincts now after 3.  Here are a few of my "motherly intuitions:"  a helmet at all times would be beneficial for my boys, shoulder pads might be a good addition to my wardrobe-- theirs too, padding for the playroom would be better than furniture, a zip line would have been better than a staircase.  
While the Dr. checked out David, Ben took Coal, our black pointing Lab to the vet.  We flew that dog in from Montana I think.  Can you believe that?  I haven't even been there!   Next stop, Ross's Dress For Less.   I love that place.  I came out empty handed this time.  Probably a good thing.  Then went to D.'s Sporting Goods Store so the boys could putt on the inside putting green-I used that as a bribe to be good while in Ross's.  Then off to Walmart to get flowers.  I ended up with impatients, ivy, and two cactuses.  The boys informed me that they needed a prickly garden.  I hate cactuses.   They hurt when you touch them and usually I find them ugly (sorry if you have them, I am sure yours are lovely). Ah, home for lunch...Mac N Cheese.  Boys went down for naps.  Ben did yard work, I planted flowers and fertilized, we washed our cars, cleaned the house (Ben is always so sweet to help with anything inside), then got ready and went out for Mexican.  I enjoyed too much Diet Coke AGAIN which explains why I am wide awake at this time of night!  
Well, that's our day!  I hope you had a good Saturday!


Tonja said...

Sounds just like the typical life with 3 boys. Next time you want to go shopping for yourself...bring the boys to me...and you can shop in peace!

I am sure David's head is OK. That ridge is sometimes more pronounced than others...and it will even out as his head grows...or not, but is hair will cover over it. Rest easy, Shani.

Kristen said...

Emily told me you were over there cleaning her house. Now that's a GOOD friend! Since I have to make myself clean my own, I cannot imagine having the energy to clean someone else's. I saw Ben helping in the yard and told him if you ever can't find enough to clean, I'm right across the street...:)