Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When the checklist gets off

Um, okay. Deep breaths. Today, I didn't get the cleaning done! :( I know you think no big deal, but it is. To me. So, I will try to get it done tonight. Sweet Ben is actually folding the laundry as we speak. We laughed at the quantity of clothing tonight! The blessing- ALLLLLL of those little shirts and pants! Miss matched socks galore. All due to the blessing of a full quiver!

I have been experiencing ADD cleaning. You know what I am talking about unless you are a super woman and seriously organized. But for the vast majority of us-this occurs during the times we need to have our cleaning done ASAP. ADD cleaning results when too many returned Christmas cards that you have no addresses for pile on your calendar, cardboard boxes that Christmas gifts were shipped in became a fort, a garage that is beginning to look like it needs a yellow caution sign around it, and the Christmas baking done on Tuesday didn't get cleaned up last night all needs to be tended to BEFORE you can EVEN BEGIN CLEANING-please say AMEN so I know I am NOT alone!
So, I did get the garage cleaned out today. I didn't clean the house; not yet anyway. If all else fails, we'll eat Christmas Brunch in the garage. Hugs and caffeine as we await SATURDAY!


Anonymous said...


That picture is hilarious! David reminds me of "Dennis the Menace". How lucky all three boys are to have you and Ben for parents. Happy Holidays! Give Daddy George a hug... Maybe ya'll will get some snow. Love to you all, Mary Lise

Tonja said...

AMEN, my sister! I know from whence thou comest!

kristen said...

Love those pics!! Merry Christmas to all of you!!