Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Supplies are Done

Yesterday, something exciting happened.
We got our school supplies!!!!!!!!
We hit Walmart and The Pencil Box.
Everything on the list is in stock right now. Rollback prices. Good deal on the budget.
I was VERY excited with what we spent for two children at the Big School.
They are very excited.
It's beginning to smell like freshly sharpened pencils and BRAND new crayons.

I am getting so excited for school to start for me too. I love this part of the summer when we still have summer, but are excitedly anticipating a new year. New beginnings.

David got his school bag yesterday. We had to review the way to hold it. Not around your neck. It's a bag that goes over your shoulder. :)

We went to Fairhope, AL this weekend. We stayed at the Grand Hotel.
I got a massage. Shhhhhhh.
We went out on a catamaran in the bay.
Rode bikes.
And of course, shopped.
Pictures will follow.

Now, we're off to work in my room at school. :)
Enjoy your Tuesday.

By the way. I am doing flylady cleaning. I'll fill you in on how that's going later. Let's just say, I have flown, flapped, and flopped, but all in all, I like it. Check it out here.


J said...

Hooray for flying! T says other than Jesus, Dave Ramsey and Fly Lady have had the biggest impact on our marriage. :)

Tell me it's NOT time to prepare for school yet!!! NOOOOoooooo!!!!!!!! I like having them home. These days are too precious.

kristen said...

Ahhhh! The Grand Hotel! We went a few weeks ago...I love that place! Our supplies are done too and I was very happy about how little I spent. I need to get more excited about a new school year. Just makes me sad that summer is almost over. I cannot wait to hear more about the Fly Lady! Sounds like something I need for sure.

Tonja said...

I miss it. I miss seeing all my sweet friends at school and getting our rooms ready, but stopping a while to catch up with one another! I hope to come see y'all more this coming year!

Can't believe Wuke will be in Big School, too!!! Time goes so fast.
Spunds like your trip was fantastic! So glad!