Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Door To Door Book Sales Woman,

Yesterday I prayed that God would direct my day.

Then, I filled up my mop bucket.

I also got the laundry going and had a momentary lull of noise.

Then, you rang my doorbell.

It was not good timing. My hot, soapy water was waiting. My kids were actually quiet. And you were at my door.

I quickly told you I wasn't interested in what you had. I didn't explain to you gently I had not budgeted to buy your books or allow you the courtesy to do your job. I abruptly stopped you before you got to start. My soapy water was waiting. You were interrupting my day. The one I asked God to direct. True as it may be, I didn't need your books. But perhaps, you needed to see Jesus in our home yesterday. I don't say that to make me sound like I am what you needed, but my Redeemer is. We all need Him.

So, I am sorry. I am sorry that I missed an opportunity to be patient with you while you were visiting the country I love. I am sorry that you didn't see a difference in the way our family lives because of WHAT JESUS has done in our hearts.

I am thankful that your salvation (if you aren't saved) doesn't depend on my actions and what I did or didn't do. I am thankful that the Lord will work in your heart at the appointed time, but I do regret that I missed an opportunity.

My soapy water was luke warm by then anyway.

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Tonja said...

Those "should haves and could haves" can really teach us a thing or two. Maybe the lesson was supposed to be for you.