Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This morning I set off our alarm. :)
It is so loud, but I like to play a game with myself.
First, you have to know, that I would have loved to have been in the FBI.
Undercover. So, when I set the alarm off, I like to see how calm I can be while I get it turned off. I guess somehow in my mind proving I would have been a great undercover agent.
You know the alarm is loud, really loud. It BLARES loudly in my ear. I just lock my eyes on that keypad and tune out the noise. I am good at tuning out noise. I live with three loud boys.

In order for me to blog about something, I wanted to think how that experience relates to life.
I came up with the world as the alarm and God as my keypad. If I focus on Him and tune out the noise of the world, I am focused and intent on my purpose. What if I took my eyes off of the keypad and tried to enter my code without looking? The alarm would get louder and the chance for me to become frazzled would occur. As long as I focus where I need to and keep my purpose clear, I can with GREAT accuracy disarm my alarm. If I take time to dilly dally and allow my ears to pierce and my mind to panic about what the code is or if I will remember my password when the security company calls I will inevitably get distracted, lose time, and begin punching in the wrong thing. I can't think about a security password for a phone call that hasn't happened yet. I just have to disarm immediately and handle the step I'm on before jumping to the next one.
God desires our gaze to be fixed on Him. He wants my soul, my very innermost parts to rest quietly in Him. He wants me in the midst of BLARING noise to remain stedfast and quiet. To be steady and purposeful-to handle only the step He has brought me to.

May our day be quiet-in the midst of the BLARING noise of the world.


Tonja said...

Great post! When my alarm goes off I freak out a little...then...regain control. But, I like to live a little dangerously! :-)

kristi said...

my husband forwarded me a link to your blog about gaucho farms. we just found out about them last week at the farmers market. anyway, we recently moved to dothan. your writing is very inspiring. i've enjoyed reading!

Angie said...

I love that you always have a life- lesson-type-point to your blogs. And I love that you a staying calm game that you play. You are too precious!

Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann said...

Oh WOW! Thank you. I love this post. I caught on that you weren't talking about your bedside alarm clock eventually but it still would have made sense. "I lift my eyes unto the hills. Where does my help come from?. My help comes from the Lord the maker of heaven and Earth." This world can blare like a house alarm. This is a good analogy.