Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gaucho Farms

Meet George and Suzanne-again. They are good friends of ours. You may remember our day at their farm with the lambs. I am proud to say they are participating in the Poplar Head Farmers Market. I hope you get a chance this weekend to go by and visit their award winning booth!




Here is information about what will be found this weekend at the Gaucho Farms booth!

Our Mix-n-Match Vegetable Baskets were a big hit, so we’ll be offering those again this week.
Choose whatever you’d like from our selection of pesticide and herbicide-free vegetables grown from organic seed. The idea is that you can have a better assortment of the items you like best. Pile as much as you can in the basket for only $3. Be sure to wedge in a bunch of fresh herbs, too.

As the garden peaks, we’ll have a good selection including:
Three varieties of squash,
Three varieties of snap beans,
Three varieties of peppers, including pesticide-free bell peppers!

Free Bush Scallop (Pattypan) Squash Recipes
These little round squash are a delicious summer squash. They are really great stuffed – similar to a stuffed pepper. Pick some up this week, along with a free recipe card with three great recipes.

Baked Goods – We’ll have samples!
Super-healthy Banana/Blueberry Nut Bread – no white flour in this one, and sweetened with honey and raw sugar
Pineapple Sage Poundcake – moist and satisfying with the refreshing flavor of pineapple
Dark-Chocolate Brownies

Jams and Jellies
Did you know that we pick and can the same day? That’s why our jams and jellies taste so fresh and flavorful.
We’re adding super fresh Very Blueberry Jam to our Just Peachy Jam, Strawberry Jams and Pepper Jelly.
Add a cellophane bag and a little raffia, and our jams and jellies make a great gift.

Meats and Poultry – Order Soon to Guarantee Availability
We’ve had great response to our 100% grass-fed beef and lamb and pastured poultry.
I hope some of you have had an opportunity to try it! Those who have ordered chickens can pick them up this Saturday or next Saturday at the market.

Many of you have mentioned that you plan to order bulk beef, lamb, or holiday turkeys.
I just want to let you know that we have 3 steers left for this season. We have 8 lambs left. The next opportunity for bulk beef won’t be until December or January. And the next opportunity for lamb will be next September. We ordered a total of 50 turkeys for Thanksgiving and 25 for Christmas. We expect to have some losses as turkey poults are challenging to get started.

If you are interested in bulk beef, lamb or turkey, we encourage you to order soon, as orders will be filled first-come, first-serve.

Heirloom Tomato Plants
It’s not too late to plant some heirloom tomato plants in a large container or in your garden. These old-variety tomatoes like Brandywine, Cherokee Purple and Abraham Lincoln won’t disappoint when it comes to flavor. This week buy 2 for $6 or 4 for $10.

We appreciate your support so much, and please feel free to call with any questions.
Best regards,
Suzanne Wright Sanchez
Gaucho Farms
Slocomb, AL


Anonymous said...


I am thrilled to learn about the grain fed produce. Thanks for introducing me their fabulous produce, etc. Can't wait to go this afternoon and stock up. I know you're making lots of memories this summer with those sweet boys!

Mary Lise

Tonja said...

I'm so glad you posted this. You know those 2 little boys stole part of my heart! Along with a part stolen by your 3, and what goes to my boys! I'm running out of heart!

I have VBS tomorrow, so I hope they will be doing this next weekend!

Have a good weekend!