Monday, June 7, 2010


The boys and I made a trip to the Public Library. The trips to the Library are a bit like releasing bulls in a china cabinet. Not quite that bad, but so close. HOWEVER, this trip was a great one. Benjamin and Luke are involved in summer reading for school. Benjamin is also reading for Bucks For Books. I found this book. A gem of a book if I do say so myself. A diamond in the rough (as in some of the other books). This book has been our delight since the day we brought it home. The boys and I cuddle up, partaking of a time long ago while we glean from it the lessons of cultivating little men. The book is about an orphan who goes to live at a school. It is a precious story of one less fortunate, full of moral tidbits. I am going to implement one of the ideas I read about. A notebook called a Conscience Book. A notebook with a page per week for each child. A page only that child may see, but one that has on it the behavior both good and bad for the child. One day a week(we may do it each evening), the teacher/boarding mother reviews it with the child. They will feel delight over the positive remarks and hopefully agree to focus on the areas of weakness.


Have you heard of Margaret Hillert? She writes books full of sight words. They are great for beginning readers. If you are in Dothan, these books can be found on the first shelf to your left in the Children's Library.

This is an autograph. One that my boys treasure. You may have not heard of Beth. In fact, you probably haven't. She isn't famous. Our church had the children collect autographs from the missionaries during our missions conference. I am humbled and grateful that Beth translates the Bible into other languages and helps create written print from only spoken languages. She has probably never been asked for an autograph before. Beth, thank you for being a hero to my boys, but moreover, a hero of the faith.

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Tonja said...

You,my dear, are a very fine mother. Your boys are blessed!